Former Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, Tuesday, took on his ex ally and former Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere.

Reacting to Madumere’ s recent outburst against him, Okorocha, in a statement signed by his Media Adviser, Sam Onwuemedo, described Madumere as an ingrate.

“Governor Uzodinma should not encourage ingratitude. If Madumere could take up arms against Okorocha, it all means that, if he sees God, he would also fight him. And those around him, have not mustered the courage to advise him to stop biting the big finger that fed him. And not only feeding him, but fed him fat and lavishly. The man should be told to bear fruits worthy of repentance.

Okorocha said Madumere is desperate “to launch or force himself into the government of Governor Hope Uzodinma which gave rise to his unwarranted media attacks against his mentor”

“For most people,the story of Prince Madumere in public life or in politics began with Okorocha and has also ended with Okorocha, because nobody, as we speak,would support his level of ingratitude or disrespect for Okorocha.

He accused the former Deputy Governor of working for the Peoples Democratic party, PDP

“Prince Madumere worked for the PDP because the Coalition people were for a Governor from Owerri Zone. He never supported APC both in the Presidential election, and in the Governorship poll. Even when the court cases were won, he opted for the PDP and it’s candidate, Chief Ihedioha. Why does he now pretend about all these?

Madumere had on Monday taken Okorocha to the cleaners after leading Imo APC stakeholders to pass a vote of confidence on Governor Hope Uzodinma.

A statement by Uche Onwuchekwa, his media Adviser said “How about those who visibly campaigned for the Action Alliance, fought every APC agent, called Senator Hope Uzodinma all manner of names and yet shamelessly ran to embrace him with a view to harm him.

“Today, the truth is out there in the market square on how a failed dynasty raped the state aground; how people’s hard earned resources, including land and buildings were forcefully converted to family property”



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