• Four months to Ohaneze presidential election, no one from Imo State has officially declared his or her intention to vie for for the exalted position.
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Imo State is slumbering, fumbling and wobbling over the next President General of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo

There are indications that the State, based on the constitution of Ohaneze, is due to produce the next President of the pan Igbo group in January 2021, when the tenure of the current President General, John Nnia Nwodo expires.

It is strange that barely four months to the Ohaneze presidential election, no one from the State has officially declared his or her intention to vie for the exalted position.

We do not believe that the silence of prominent and respectable Imo sons and daughters about the contest is an indication that the State is in short supply of credible persons to lead the noble pan Igbo organization.

Imo State is blessed with men and women of fine character, capable, able, competent and qualified to lead Ohaneze Ndi Igbo. Imolites do hold commanding positions in various fields of human endeavour across the globe, where they have engraved their names on the sands of time.

The recent appointment of Imo State born Kaycee Madu, as Justice Minister of Canada, and other Imolites, who hold powerful positions of trust and authority in different parts of the world, is a testimony of the overflowing human resource which abound in the State.

We advise strongly that eminent Imolites devoid of political leanings, but passionate about the political, social and economic development of Igbo nation, should step forward and contest for the presidency of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo.

Igbo at the moment are at crossroads of her political destiny. Ohaneze Ndi Igbo needs pragmatic leadership committed to the undiluted cause to reposition Igbo nation at a crucial period Igbo nation is in dilemma.

It is imperative Igbo finest which abound in Imo State step forward and take over Ohaneze Presidency for the good of Ndi Igbo.



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