Senator Samuel Anyanwu, has raised an alarm alleging that “there is a designed plot by a group of selfish and wicked politicians hiding under the cloak of the membership of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP to malign, defame and impugn his person”

According to a statement by his media Adviser, Ikenna Onuoha, he said those behind the plot “have become unrepentant and refused to hid to advise to be reasonable in their actions”

“At first, we thought these individuals using social media to attack highly placed Nigerians were doing so either for the fun of it, or to test run the reach of their media platforms, but lo and behold, it has become obvious that they were duly commissioned agents of doom directly targeted at Distinguished Senator Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu (Sam Daddy) and his political supporters”

According to the statement, those after the senator are doing so “because of his avowed decision not to dump genuine PDP members who toiled under the sun and in the rain to give the party a good name.

“These political miscreants are also afraid that up till date, Distinguished Senator Sam Daddy Anyanwu has not ceased defending the humiliated and sidelined PDP members for opposing their desperation”

” The same mischief makers had tried to hijack the structure of PDP in the State through a widely condemned kangaroo Congress, but due to the efforts of serious minded genuine party owners, their evil plan was foiled. No doubt, they are struggling to come out from the shock”

Part of the plot, according to the statement, is “to engage uninformed and gullible unemployed youths on social media to dent the hard earned image and reputation of Distinguished Senator Sam Daddy Anyanwu”

The Senator vowed to “begin to mention their names if they fail to turn a new leaf from their evil plots”

He however stated that “at his level and as a stakeholder in the Imo project, he will continue to defend democracy through constructive criticism as against their destructive nature of politcs”


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