The Imo Awareness Coalition, IAC, a watchdog group based in Imo State, has said the State is in limbo, identifying the slow pace of governance, a redundant economy and a crippling workforce, as key factors stifling the State and its citizenry.

It called on Governor Hope Uzodimma to ameliorate the situation by taking proactive steps immediately “to get the state back on track”

Fidelis Echendu, spokesman of the Coalition, in a statement in Owerri, called on the Governor to act swiftly by stepping up the pace of governance in the State.

IAC said it is worried that workers in the State have been at home since December 2020, over unresolved issues bordering on payment of salaries, while pensioners still groan over unpaid pensions.

“Imo State is a public service driven economy.Workers staying at home over unpaid salaries is having a crippling effect on the economy.The state government should expedite action and resolve the lingering issues with workers to save the economy.

“Imo state is in limbo. The economy is stagnant and this has impacted on the informal sector of the economy, as businesses and commerce move at slow pace. The Imo economy because it is not diversified is propelled by the civil service. And now that workers are at home coupled with Labour’s strike, the state suffers.

“This is not about building roads and tunnels which we highly commend, we are rather deeply concerned about the stagnation that has hit the state in the past two months. There is limited cash flow which is stifling businesses.

“Imo State seems be at a stand still. There is anguish in the land and the citizenry have continued to lament over excruciating economic conditions. Much as the biting economy is not peculiar to Imo State alone, the ongoing feud between the state government  and workers in the State is not helping matters. Governor Uzodimma should save the despondent Imo citizenry by acting fast now” the IAC stated



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