Majority, if not all the 20 Commissioners, Governor Hope Uzodimma, had sacked last week, will not be reappointed.

This is as shocking report on the sacked Commissioners emerged, with various and weighty allegations bordering on underhand practices some of them indulged in, including using apparatus of government for personal gains.

A source who is privy to the reasons why some of the Commissioners were sacked said “Some resorted to self aggrandizement. You will be shocked if you get to know what some of their sins were. It’s a can of worms.

Governor Uzodimma had last week sacked 20 Commissioners, including some of his trusted and dependable allies. He retained eight of them in his first major cabinet shake up, since he was declared Governor of Imo State by the Supreme Court on January 14, 2020.

The source continued “Only one or two may get reappointed, because majority of them were sacked for reasons which the Governor considered too weighty to be ignored or swept under the carpet. Remember prior to their sack, he had made some scathing remarks about them.

“Some of them really betrayed the trust the Governor reposed in them. Infact, he was shocked and disappointed, when he received reports of some of their actions, some of which centered on sharp practices and actions which were mind blowing. And the irony of it, was that some of them kept on saying they were “not seeing anything”

“Aside these reasons, there are other considerations which will influence the choice of new Commissioners. The Governor said he needs to rejig his government to inject fresh blood. Recycling majority of the sacked Commissioners back into the new fold is not ideal. Some may return, but it will be so marginal.

A watchdog, Imo Awareness Coalition, IAC, had advised Governor Hope Uzodimma to appoint more of technocrats in his yet to be reconstituted cabinet rather than politicians.

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