An ICT expert,  Mr.Greg Obidike has stressed the need for Imo State government, to deploy more resources and give considerable  attention to develop and enhance ICT, as a basis to engage youths in the State.

Speaking on the backdrop on rising unemployment level plaguing youths in the State, Obidike said across the globe, ICT has  created boundless opportunities for the youths, stating that the State government should make it a priority and as part of measures to tackle youth restiveness and unemployment.

Speaking to INNONEWS in Owerri, he noted that the State government should also include ICT in School curriculum, a move he said, ‘will inculcate the knowledge in our children from  cradle’

He said “Across the globe, ICT has proved to be an effective tool, that has given massive employment to the youths and also,  offered them the platform to soar.

“ICT offers that unique opportunity to be self employed, and exposed to entrepreneurship

“I have observed that the latent potentials of our youths in Imo State, can be effectively harnessed through ICT, if the State government can put in place the conducive environment for the sector to thrive.

“More than 60 percent of our youths can be gainfully employed or be self employed, if ICT is properly harnessed.Aside reducing unemployment, they can make huge contributions to the social progress and economic development of the State through ICT.

“The demand of technology can create employment opportunities for our young people and expose their creativity in software applications, bio engineering, digital media and mobile applications”

Obidike noted that gone are the days, white collar jobs, satisfy the yearnings of the youths, stating that ICT has become a veritable opportunity to tackle unemployment among our youths.

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