The National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, Thursday, revealed that Imo State do have the highest number of intending male migrants to Europe.

According to the NBS, 67 percent of males from the state want to travel to Europe, followed by Lagos State with 50 percent.

According to the Bureau, the proportion is lower for females, with between 32.7 percent in Imo and 50.3 percent in Lagos.

The NBS, months ago, had rated Imo State as the unemployment capital of the country.

Dr. Yemi Kale, Statistician General of the Federation, while presenting the 2020 Report on Awareness and Perceptions of Migrants on the dangers of irregular Migration in Nigeria in Lagos,said the most common route of migration involves passage through the desert and oversea.

He said “illegal migrants face considerable travel risks and dehumanizing conditions.

“Across states and irrespective of gender returned migrants reported facing dehumanizing conditions of detention, sexual abuse, hunger, slavery, forced Labour in significant numbers.

According to the NBS “The survey result further shows that among the respondents intending to travel in search of greener pasture to developed countries; Imo State had the highest with 67.7 percent among males while the least was Lagos State with 49.7 percent. The highest for females was recorded by Lagos State with 50.3 percent

Ernest Ibeneme, a public policy analyst attributed the NBS rating to high rate of unemployment in the State.

“Where are the jobs and employment opportunities to absorb thousands of Imo graduates churned out by several tertiary institutions in Imo State?

“There are no jobs for the youths. Last year, the State was rated the unemployment capital of the country.

“This is indeed worrisome and the government must begin now to take steps and proactive actions” Ibeneme said


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