In the last four centuries ( between 1760 till date), the world has recorded progressive revolutions in variant strata of human endeavours. The insatiable quests for advancement and better life, have made humanity to strive for all time productive developments.

The inner cravings, have earned the world unprecedented advancements through agricultural, industrial, scientific and technological revolutions.

These rare revolutionary feats, were in greater proportions situated by the myriad of independent minds – who jointly pulled the wealth of their resources together against odds, for the bracing successes we have so far seen in this 21st Century. These pathfinders in the global economy are core Entrepreneurs in different sectors of life.

Today, the World has produced millions of those sophisticated Entrepreneurs, who are successfully running various forms of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in the globe. The SMEs have been described as the backbones of every Economy.

According to the World Bank, SMEs account for the 90% of global businesses, create over 60% jobs and sustain between 45 – 50% GDP of most emerging economies and their developments. lt has been proven that, the emerging markets most formal jobs are generated by SMEs in the ratio of 7 out of 10 in global job opportunities.

The impact of SMEs in the global economy is a very crucial role in the construction of a Society which is free of poverty. They do not only provide ample Job opportunities to the variant strata, but ensure the flow of money across the various levels of the Society. The United Nations have projected that by 2030, over 600 million jobs will be required owing to the rising global workforce. Thus, experts have advised on the imperative of enhancing and harnessing the SMEs by the Governments of the world.

In their visionary and proactive responses, the developed Nations of the World – those that have attained greatness at the altar of different SMEs, namely the USA, the Orient, the European, the Israelis to mention but a few, have heeded to that clarion call by the UN. They have doubled their commitments towards strengthening their SMEs, through improved financing of their existing establishments and for further researches on new discoveries.

On the contrary, Africa is at the nadir of the global pyramid on SMEs. Unlike majority in the developed Nations, a few African Nations like South Africa, Ghana, Rwadan and Egypt are making local waves in the promotion of their SMEs. The Nigerian State despite her rhetorical promises on youth empowerment and developments, has failed to look inwards, as to invest in these incontrovertible global modules for sustainable economic developments.

Rather, the Federal Government is bent on her wild goose chase investments in some mishmash public sectors, with huge borrowed monies that would have been used for the developmental drives and promotions of our SMEs.

The ignominious backlash effects of her indifference to this clarion call, have dragged the whole Nation naked before the World – with her attendant ranking, not only as the poverty capital, but also as one of the most unsecured Nations in the World; a baggage with severe consequences and ripple effects, which have rubbed off on the States of the Federation, Imo not being exempted.

Recently, alluding but not conceding to the ranking of Imo State as the “unemployment capital” by National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) – this unemployment rating is lucidly situated by the plethora of High Institutions of learning, that churn out thousands of Graduates (workforces) yearly into our labour markets.

The sorry fate of the said unemployment status, was further compounded and espoused by the mindless misappropriation of public funds and inappropriate/ Pandora box’s policies made by the previous administrations in the State.

Nevertheless, the State Governor, having seen the humongous challenges ahead and the immediate need for proactive adherence to the global modules on SMEs – as tools to mitigate the bracing unemployment, has declared a state of emergency on Unemployment in Imo.

In his maiden backgrounder, the Governor promised, and l quote: “l have seen the sufferings of my people, l shall graciously and assiduously work to lift the State out from the obscurity of underdevelopment and unemployment.”

He simultaneously reeled out his well thought out economic blueprints and plans – a move that matched words with action. These unassailable and feasible plans includes but not limited to: The Zonal Technological Incubation Academy (ZOTIA), Imo State Education Opportunity Programs (ISEOP), Imo State Diaspora Learning Centre (ISDLC), Job Placement Centre (JPC), Graduates Entrepreneurial Scheme (GES), Centre for Career Developments (CCD).

Others are Advanced Agri-prenuer Scheme (AAS) and Incentivised Investment Opportunity Policies (IIOP), just to mention a few. lt’s pertinent to note that, all these administrative frameworks that hinged on his 3R mantra, were tailored towards stimulating both industrial, agricultural, scientific and technological revolutions in the State’s economy.

Regrettably, there was not to be, an early implementation of the afore listed world class revolutionary blueprints, owing to the extenuating circumstances that beleaguered the State, Nation and the world by extension; from the scorches of the gory advent of the COVID -19 Pandemic with its’ associated global economic meltdown, through to the devastating effects of the ENDSARS protests, and then to the horrid spate of Insecurity in the State – all of which served in no small measures, as the clogs in the progressive wheels of the timely and proper implementations of those frameworks.

Nevertheless, the hoodoo era and the waiting days are over, as the Governor, in penultimate week, in full collaboration with the Federal Gov’t via NIRSAL, commissioned a monumental SMEs’ empowerment program in Imo State. The said program unarguably, trained thousands of the youths in various Skills and Techniques for self sufficiency.

It’s worthy of note that, there is a system design, set up to monitor both the disbursements, repayments and performances of the Beneficiaries. This venture was not only aimed at actuating the growth of SMEs, but was targeted at curbing the hyped unemployment and by extension crime and criminality in the State.

Though some dissenters and unpatriotic pundits incessantly, have destructively attacked this laudable, commendable and life transforming dividends of democracy; l ask these innocuous questions: are those beneficiaries not Imolites? Is it wrong for the State to collaborate with the Federal Government or NGOs, to improve the lives of our teeming unemployed youths? Is it wrong, if the State Government considers it expedient, to make technical adjustments, as to accommodate more youths for the employment? Will this SMEs empowerment program foreclose the development of other sectors of our economy?

Why the much ado about nothing, over the rehabilitation of our dilapidated Industries, which currently are receiving speedy face lifts in line with the 3R mantra, and are tagged to be best managed by reputable Consultants, for more job creations? It’s no exaggeration to say that, Governor Hope Uzodinma has shown himself to be a core patriot with good conscience, unlike those who usurped our PARIS CLUB refinancing into their private pockets. If he had towed the dubious path of his predecessors, would the heavens have fallen? Why then, even in his magnanimity, is the amiable Governor being vilified?

Imo State is ours, the conscripted youths are our kits and kins; let us therefore, support this shared prosperity Government, to unleash her full potentials in the implementation of the set administrative blueprints – for massive job creations and bracing economic developments. Fundamentally, it behoves us to acknowledge that, the advancement and progress of Imo State, is our collective responsibility.

Thus, all hands must be on deck to hoist Imo to the global prominence – on the map of best developing and emerging Economies. As we look forward to the New Dawn, let’s give peace a chance and endeavour to be that Refiners’ change, we all crave for in Imo State.


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