Governor Hope Uzodimma may scrap some of the political groups aligned to his political ideals, ideology and philosophy, particularly Camp Hope.

Several groups had emerged since he became governor of the State, all of them jostling for relevance in his administration.

Camp Hope is the governor’s major political group which guided him during the governorship election in the State.

Since he was proclaimed governor by the Supreme Court, members of Camp Hope enjoy all alone, the perks and goodies of Uzodinma’s administration.

All the 27 Interim LGA Chairmen and members of Interim Management Councils, IMC at the 27 LGAs are Camp Hope Members. Most of the sacked Commissioners and Special Advisers, SAs, Senior Special Assistants, SSAs were also drawn from the group.

They wield so much influence and non members face excessive, intense discrimination and segregation from Camp Hope members and leaders.

“If you are not a member of Camp Hope, despite the fact we are all in APC, you are treated with scorn, ridicule and disdain. You are completely segregated “said a Chieftain of the APC in Ahiazu Mbaise LGA, Hon. Nkem Onwukwe.

INNONEWS further learnt that other groups such as Hope Alive, Hope Rising and Hopism, which all profess loyalty and allegiance to the governor receive little or no attention or support from government circles.

Those who run these groups claim not to have received a dime to support their activities from the governor.

This newspaper was further told that several complaints had come to the governor over the overbearing influence and segregation policy of the Camp Hope group.

A source said Uzodimma had severally warned against such behaviour but his directive has been flouted, as such practice of segregation still persists.

The top source revealed to this newspaper “This has to stop and the governor may dissolve all these groups and float a new political movement which will accommodate all these groups, including his new friends and allies, who are coming from various quarters, including from the opposition. He will be in charge of the movement, which will also consolidate his grip of the APC in the State.

“A meeting is in the offing. Soon the governor will meet leaders of these support groups, where he is expected to dissolve them and float a brand new political structure, which will accommodate everyone.

“The governor wants to end all these complains and bring in more people on board.

“He has said he needs more friends and not enemies. But those guys in Camp Hope will not listen to what he has said, as If they  made him governor.

“Did they even deliver him at the governorship elections where he came fourth?. Not second or third, but a distant fourth? Would such a group really claim to have delivered Uzodimma at the governorship election? if not for the Supreme Court, would Uzodimma had been governor? So, why all the bragging, discrimination and boasting by these Camp Hope elements?

“You can judge from the ongoing consultations the governor is having with LGA leaders, that indeed he has engaged almost who is who in the State, irrespective of political party affiliation. He is bringing everyone on one page, by building bridges of friendship and in some cases, reconciliation through these major consultations.

“There will be a new political structure soonest, which will comprise of those who believe in his politics, and pattern of governance.It will be something similar to Ex Governor Udenwa’s Redemption, Ohakim’s New Face, and Okorocha’s Rescue Mission, which were all formidable. And this time, the governor will take charge. A new order is in the offing” the source concluded.



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