For philosophers of all ages, it has been indisputably factual that the proven most effectual route for impacting positively, any organization, institution or people, is to place grave reliance on building the developmental leadership bank. It would once again be properly trite, as it infact is, that there is practically limitlessness to the potentials of any organization that seeks to engage good people, raise them up to tenacious competence as leaders, and continually develop and support them.

The above denotes the center stage, of which the Dr. ThankGod Ezeani Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship occupies. The Center takes pride in unlocking the innate potentials of youths, and most importantly, promises producing entrepreneurs who will become self-reliant, undoubtedly competent, independent, and also job and wealth creators.

The founder; a stoic and deferential leader, Hon. Dr. ThankGod Ezeani, (Ogbaturuenyi), deserves a resounding appreciation and unreserved applause for this novel and noble initiative.

Ogbaturuenyi is a leader who instills in his people, especially the youths, a hope for success and belief in themselves. As a positive leader, he empowers people physically, mentally and financially to accomplish their goals. He is himself a refinery of good leadership and entrepreneural values, and he has demonstrated that in diverse fora of life, evidenced hugely by the numerous successes that trail his path. He has dutifully inculcated this into his proteges, and he has helped many discover or regain their full dignity as humans.

Orlu zone is certainly about to witness a new wave of possibilities and positivity with Hon. Dr. ThankGod Ezeani. We are unflinching in our resolve to present that the strides of Ogbaturuenyi which trickles down as dividends to the populace will in fact be quadrupled, to guarantee an alleviation of the overall effects of bad governance on Orlu Zone. He remains a bridge builder, a kingpin, a pathfinder, a pace setter, a go-getter, a dependable leader, a motivator, an intellectual, a refinery of good values, a community builder, and of course a great industrialist. We shall all live to enjoy the wealth of goodness his leadership will bring to our doorsteps.

Nnadozie Chijioke is the Director General, Ezeani Media Center


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