The race for the Chairmanship seat of the All Progressive Congress, APC, has begun in earnest.

And for the party to maintain it’s grip and hold of the levers of power in the country in 2023, the APC must elect someone with an inelastic ability to manage it’s affairs and sustain it’s sucesses.

Having dominated the political landscape of the country, it has a herculean task, not just to manage it’s sucesses and the only way it can achieve this, is to elect a competent, experienced, credible and results driven National Chairman.

Isa Yuguda, a seasoned ex banker, who attained commanding heights in the nation’s banking sector, and former governor of Bauchi State, has proved to be an asset to the APC, considering his undiluted passion and unwavering commitment to the ideals of the party.

When he decamped from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to the APC, in June 2016, he said he was motivated to do so because the APC platform offered him the unique opportunity to continue contributing to the development of the State, after being governor on the platform of the defunct All Nigeria Peoples Party, ANPP.

Yuguda’s antecedents as governor, and Minister of State, Transport and Later Aviation, bear eloquent testimonies of his success in the key sectors crucial to the nation’s development.

As two term governor of Bauchi State, Yuguda performed creditably to the admiration of the people of the State, who attest to his pragmatic leadership which led to massive dividends of democracy for the people.

He bequeathed to the State enduring infrastructure such as roads, and recorded milestones in health, agriculture and education sectors, etc, which the people continously attest to.

As Minister of State for Transport, many would recall Yuguda’s proactive measures, which contributed to the speedy completion of a new terminal of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in 2003.

He had threatened the contractor to cancel the contract if there were further delays.

As a politician, The Mattawallen Bauchi, has exhibited strong political character and remains one of most of formidable politicians in the country.

He is known to have built bridges of friendship from the North to the South, and have vast network of contacts across the nation, which gives him the edge over other contenders for the plum job of National Chairman of the APC.

For the APCto sustain it’s victory trajectory, and for it to achieve this feat, it has to elect a national Chairman of exceptional quality, who can sustain the political gains recorded by the party since it’s formation in 2013.

As a seasoned administrator, Yuguda is a man of conviction and a man who achieves results when he sets out to actualize a cause.

Such rare political attribute is what a great political party requires to maintain it’s continued distance from a resilient opposition.

The APC must look in the direction of the former Bauchi State Governor, who posses the political firepower to glue the party together and lead it to victory in the 2023 general elections and beyond.


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