Dr. Phillip Njemanze, the leader of Commitee for World Peace, and Global Prolife Alliance, (GPA), has revealed that 26 States in Nigeria, have passed the controversial VAPP Law.

According to a document made available by Dr. Njemanze to INNONEWS, the 26 States are: FCT, Kaduna, Anambra, Oyo, Benue, Ebonyi, Edo, Ekiti, Enugu, Delta, Osun, Ogun, Cross River, Lagos, Plateau, Bauchi, Akwa Ibom, Abia, Kwara, Yobe, Nassarawa, Jigawa, Kogi, Bayelsa, Rivers, Ondo, Sokoto and Adamawa States.

According to the document, the group noted that “Nigerian State legislators and Governors unknowingly because of deceptive simple English Language passed Violence Against Person’s (VAPP) law which contravene the core Beliefs of the Nigerian people and all major Constitutional Provisions”

It noted that with the enactment of the law, it could lead to “economic abuse” to include succession rights, ban of the use of the Holy Bible and Holy Koran in public places, legalization of same sex marriage, ordination of female Catholic priests and Imams, coronation of female kings (Eze, Obi, Sultan, Emirs), imprisonment of Religious Clergy (Priest and Imams) and parents for moral teachings and scolding of children”

It further stated ” “this could lead to promotion of moral decadence”, noting that “VAPP law aims at destruction of the christian and Islamic religions by decapitating their leaderships, which until now, have followed the teachings of Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed.

“A woman who seeks ordination as a Catholic Priest would be refused by the All Male Seminary, citing the long held Church tradition of not ordaining women as Catholic priests and Bishops because of the male-priesthood and Jesus Christ and His Apostles. The judge will cite the VAPP law, which classifies non ordination of women or any discrimination as ‘harmful traditional and religious prcatices’, and would rule for ordination of women. Failure of the All Male Catholic Seminary to admit the woman, would lead to closure of that seminary. The VAPP Law should have stated clearly that there is an exemption ‘for accepted good practices’ of customs, traditions and religious beliefs of the Nigerian Peoples’

It further stated that “the VAPP law introduces the term “Economic Abuse”, to include “Succession Rights”.

“This means that, if the first girl in the family of an Eze is jumped in the line of succession according to Igbo customs and tradition, the Eze or the Village king makers would go to jail for three years.

“The aim is to crown women kings or Ezes in Igbo and elsewhere in Nigeria, which would result in rejection of our people and a total breakdown of our traditional governance and the identity of the people and their customs.

It noted that “the future implementation of the VAPP law would have no traditional power or customs. The aim of the international sponsors is to destroy who we are as a people, and give Total Allegiance to the One World Government!. A revision must omit ‘Sucession Rights’, as Economic Abuse, it should rather read “economic abuse” means ‘forced financial independence; denial of inheritance rights in a manner that violates the Fundamental Rights of the person as stipulated in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and generally accepted good social practices and traditions of the people’s of Nigeria. First, the VAPP law must be repealed and rendered null and void, of no effect in all current forms”

According to the document, it noted that “marriage under any law was intended to include same sex marriage for example, marriage held under California Same Sex law in the United States would be legal in Nigeria under the VAPP law”


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