Spiritual leader of Owerri Nchi Ise (Owerri Municipal), known as Onye Ishi Ala Owerre, Ejiogu Kelechichukwu Nwakom, is set to unveil Obi Ala Owerre, scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 13, 2021.

The unveiling will take place at Ihu Ala Owerre, located at Amaram Street, Owerri, by 10am.

According to the Owerri Chief Priest, the event is part of measures to revive and restore the ancestral home of the ancestors of Owerri after a long period.

He recalled that the ancestors had left because no attention was given to them for a long period of time.

He noted that with his ascension as spiritual leader of Owerri, the time has come for the restoration of the culture and values of Owerri people, which include according due honour and respect to the forefathers of Owerri.

His words “The unveiling of Obi Ala Owerre is to make a place for our ancestors to stay.We have ignored them for long, and this is the time for them to return after they had left us.

“They are our fore fathers. We cannot forget them. When they were alive, they did well for us. They gave birth to us. And they meant well for us.

“This is the time to take care of them so that it will be well with us and be well with the people of Owerri” he stated.

Prominent Owerri Indigenes and non Indigenes are expected to attend the unveiling of the Obi Ala Owerre.


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