The United Movement For A New Nigeria, has tackled the National Assembly for the “removal of the electronic transmission of election results in the recent Electoral reform act before the National Assembly.

In a statement signed by spokesman of the group, Mac Donald Enwere, it stated that “It is quite shocking and incredible that in this critical moment in the history of our country, when our elected legislators are expected to formulate policies to enhance democratic consolidation, electoral sustainability and institutional reforms, they have decided to circumvent the paramount wish and expectations of the Nigerian masses with regards to the electoral reform.

The statement continued “To our greatest bewilderment, the National Assembly in Sec 50 (2) of the ammendment bill surreptitiously inserted a clause which prohibits the electronic transmission of election results. It is really absurd that after several memoranda and recommendations submitted to the adhoc Commitee on the Electoral reform bill by all the relevant stakeholders during public hearing, the National Assembly ignored all the key priority recommendations, robust proposals and went ahead to pursue their selfish political interest. Instead of our legislators to rise up in defending and strengthening the legitimacy of the nation’s Electoral process they decided to undermine the integrity of our future elections.

“Nigeria’s long term stability and democratic sustainability invariably depends on the integrity of the electoral reform.

The group further accused the National Assembly for failing “to fulfill their promise of bequeathing a transparent and substantial reforms of the nation’s electoral system. This has raised a question mark on the commitment of the leadership of the present National Assembly in giving Nigerians a transparent and responsive Electoral act”

It described “the prohibition of election results in the recent Electoral reform bill as a rape of democracy by the National Assembly and betrayal of public trust and confidence”

“The legislators have really shown Nigerians that they lack the patriotic will, sincerity and commitment in reforming the nation’s Electoral process”

“We are not surprised because the lawmakers are direct beneficiaries of the fraudulent electoral system and other anomalies the bill intends to address” the statement stated in part.


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