Hon. (Dr.) ThankGod Ezeani, the successful, stoic industrialist and great visioner and Founder of the Dr ThankGod Ezeani Centre for Leadership and Entrepreneurship has proved that leadership is defined by results not attributes as he, through the Central Bank of Nigeria facilitated the release of N500,000 and N750,000 respectively to hundreds of beneficiaries in Orlu and Imo State at large. The funds which started on Thursday have indeed dwarfed all other youth empowerment package witnessed in the history of Imo State.

Having empowered many Imo youths with different marketable skills and arts through his Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship, and gone further to expedite the release of funds for them, Dr Ezeani has opened the doors of opportunities for wealth creation, job creation, massive employment and has eradicated crime in the State.

The youths whose potentials have been unlocked through the various trainings they received from the Center will largely utilize the funds and this will produce self reliant and independent youths who will create jobs for themselves and others.

The highly revered former Legislator has shown leadership by example. His actions and benevolence have inspired Imo youths to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. As a positive leader he has motivated the youths to accomplish their goals which seemed impossible due to the harsh economy of the country. By facilitating the youths’ access to the funds, he has translated the vision and dreams of the youths into reality.

Dr ThankGod Ezeani Ogbaturuenyi is indeed the breath of fresh air that Orlu zone needs.

Source: Ezeani Media Center


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