A neurologist, Dr. Phillip Njemanze, has unveiled a laboratory which dissects the functions and activities of the human brain.

The Neurocybernetic Flow Laboratory, International Institute of Advanced Research Training, Chidicon Medical Centre, MCC Road, Owerri, is founded by Dr. Njemanze.

Dr. Phillip Njemanze At The Lab

In an article, Dr.Njemanze revealed what he described as”the Symphonic orchestra in the brain”

He wrote “The Symphonic Orchestra in the Brain
Dear Dr,

Did you know that our brain is a very sophisticated symphonic orchestra with each unit of brain cells playing a tune of a particular frequency or Harmonics. We applied advanced Time Series Fourier Analysis to acquired MRI/PET images from Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET).

We uncovered the functional harmonic tunes in the different brain areas in the ventral and dorsal pathways. Male mice processed colors in the ventral stream cortical regions in the left brain, while female mice processed colors in the dorsal stream subcortical area in the right brain.

These results revolutionized the long held neuroscience idea that, the ventral stream was for ‘vision perception of what?’, and the dorsal stream was for ‘vision of action where?’ The Gender differences show that Male and Female brains play different harmonics. Read how we are applying this neurocybernetic innovation for future use in artificial intelligence and quantum mechanics. Academician Prof Dr Philip Njemanze MD (Hons).

For more details:clickhttps://www.mdpi.com/2571-9394/1/1/10/htm


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