The South East Coalition for Good Governance, SECG, has said it has concluded it’s 15 months search for a credible Igbo competent to be President of Nigeria in 2023.

According to a statement signed by President of the Coalition, Emmanuel Okwu, made available to INNONEWS in Enugu, it said soon, it will unveil “a credible, competent, capable Igbo man who can be President of Nigeria in 2023

“An Igbo who is accepted in almost all the geo political zones in the country

“An Igbo who understands the nation’s politics, economy, accepted in the North, embraced in the South and a full blooded Igbo man, who understands the rudiments involved in managing a complex and intricate nation like Nigeria” part of the statement stated

SECG stated that it shortlisted 12 Igbo sons and daughters for the plum job, after a selection process was undertaken by a Commitee it constituted to srutinize the individuals shortlisted.

“We conducted a careful analysis and random evaluation of those we shortlisted, including conducting an online poll which attracted impressive reactions and active participation by Igbos, at home and abroad.

“The process of evaluation of those shortlisted was transparent, open and credible.

The Coalition stated it will forward the name of its preferred choice for the 2023 presidency to key political leaders of the South East for further evaluation “before he is finally unveiled”

“As part of measures to engage key actors in the Igbo presidency project, arrangements are on to forward the name of our preferred choice to pro Igbo Presidency groups within the nation and abroad for further evaluation” it stated.

It however reiterated that only two political parties in the country, the All Progressive Congress, APC and the People Democratic Party, PDP, are the surest route for the Igbo nation to take to the presidency in 2023.


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