Group Kicks Against Attempts To Ridicule Ndigbo

The Global Association of Concerned Imo Youths, GACIY, has kicked attempts by some persons to cast in bad light the recent visit of President Muhammadu Buhari to Imo State.

A statement by convener of the group, Collins Ughalla, KSC reads:

We have noticed attempts by unscrupulous elements to make light of the President’s visit to Imo State and the South East by extension.

In one of the senile press statements brought to our attention, a newfangled entity called Owerri League of Professionals alleges that the President was hoodwinked into “commissioning a non-existent road.” (notice the senile thinking?)

How a so-called league of professionals produced such illogic is best left to the imagination. May God help us.

For the records, Mr. President inaugurated the first phase of the Naze/PolyNek/Ihiagwa/Obinze road (this much was clearly stated during today’s ceremony) while work continues on the second and final phase of the strategic 14km road.

The underground balloon-technology-driven tunnel with surface drainage designed to mitigate floods in Imo was also inaugurated.

A rebuilt state executive council chambers was also inaugurated.

Not embarrassed enough, the so-called Owerri League of Professionals (and those masquerading behind this name) blundered further to “demand an immediate apology from Senator Uzodimma so as to remedy to situation,”(sic).

Any apology should come from OLP straight to Imo people for attempting to desecrate the memory of such a symbolic, historic, and watershed occasion. They should also apologize for insulting the sensibilities of professionals in Owerri over such flagrant abuse of grammar.

It is important to note that, besides the colourful ribbon cutting ceremonies, Mr. President entered into a solemn meeting with Igbo stakeholders to discuss and address the pain points of Ndigbo in Nigeria. We expect that those who love Ndigbo will honour this event with prayer and meditation and not issue infantile statements.

We have seen how dangerous it is to politicise sensitive matters and we demand an immediate end to such madness. The visit of the President is beyond the dynamic of political rivalry. It is about the destiny of Ndigbo.

Having failed to prevent this visit through falsehood, the humiliated cyber terrorists retreated to their safehouse from where they resurfaced as OLP.

Another time we will unmask those behind this cloned organization. But first, let us spare a moment to reflect and thank God for Governor Hope Uzodimma and what he midwived for Ndigbo today.


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