A Former member of the House of Representatives, Hon. ThankGod Ezeani, has sent out a message of hope to the people of Orlu zone on the month of September.

He stated that he is “joyous that despite all that has happened ranging from killings, to deaths, to the acute manifestations and effects of the pandemic, to the bad state of the economy ocassioned by the inefficiency of the government at the helm of affairs,  the people of Orlu zone remained triumphant, resilient and firm against these formidable circumstances”

A statement by Ezeani Media Centre and made available to INNONEWS reads in part  “Indeed, the times have proven extremely hard and unconscionable (because it could be better, had the right things been done), given the flagrant violations of the rule of law, blatant disregard of the human rights and hampered state of security.

“Yet, above all, we raise our heads and wine glasses in thankfulness to the Almighty God who kept and will continue to keep us. We may not have been where we all hoped to be, had the right party been in power. But we are alive at-least. It is only the dead who is ..conscious of nothing, and who has no earthly hopes. We must continue to be courageous, to meet the tomorrow we pray for”,

He called on the people of Orlu zone to go and have their permanent voter’s cards, stressing that “it is the only constitutional means of changing the present state of affairs, since the holders of the powers that be are overtly and everly reluctant to letting humanity a chance.

He charged all to continue to maintain peace, “while we await in joyful hope to enthrone a government of the people”

He also extended his goodwill message to leaders, executives, stakeholders and members of the Peoples Democratic Party , PDP



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