Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, the apex pan Igbo organization, has commended President Muhammad Buhari for his visit to Imo State, which it noted “has more than political significance”

In his address at a parley between the President and select Igbo Leaders in Owerri, President General, Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, George Obiozor, said the President’s presence in Owerri has reassured the Igbo nation

“In manner of symbolism, this visit has thrown light into the cloudiness and doubts surrounding the perception of the relations between your Government and Ndigbo.

“Your presence reassures us that there is still reason for optimism for Nigeria and Nigerian unity” he said.

Obiozor said the “visit will mark the beginning of a new chapter of dialogue, co operation and understanding between Ndigbo and your administration”

He continued “Mr.President, after all Nigeria has gone through in it’s early sixty years of chequered history of crises and continuity and the spectacular patriotic role of Ndigbo to ensure it’s unity and survival, the consistent perception that the the Igbos are separatists and secessionists agitators is a historical fallacy

“Indeed, if the truth must be told, Ndigbo are the most federating unit among all Nigerian citizens”

Obiozor said Ndigbo are committed to Nigeria’s unity.

“Mr.President, inspite of all the threats of secessionists or separatism facing the country, there is no doubt that no secessionist element can succeed in Nigeria provided there is good governance based on equity, justice and fairness to all citizens.

“Ndigbo are committed to Nigerian unity and there is news for those trying to push us out of Nigeria.

“Ndigbo in Nigeria are like fish in the ocean, no matter how rough the storm is, it cannot drive the fish out of the ocean” Obiozor said.


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