Whatever way the metaphor of a place, a specific locale bleeding from all sides could mean for the user, it can’t have any meaning, implication or reference to Imo State under the watch of the current Executive Governor of the State, His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma. There no reason for anybody to say that Imo State is bleeding in all sides! Imo State isn’t haemoraging in any way!

If the State has ever bled, then that must be before Governor Uzodimma was declared to be the authentic winner of the 2019 governorship election in Imo State. And since his assumption of office, he has continued to plug leakages that he inherited from his predecessors.

What’s observable, however, is that some continually enraged people find extremely difficult to accept and adjust to the reality of the fact Uzodimma is the governor of Imo State as it would please God to allow to be at this time.

Such severely afflicted defeated losers have been going the extra mile to stab the State on the head, in the eyes, in ears, in the mouth, on the nose, in the neck, at the front and at the back, in the ribs, hands and legs, aiming to perform evil and wicked euthanasia for the 45-year old State!

Ironically, it’s those that are viciously and ferociously stabbing, hurting and harming the State and the people, that turn around to mock the State of bleeding in all sides and haemoraging to extim unction point of no return!

But the Almighty God of Imo State and Imo people have continually fought the State and the people, saying no to all orchestrated and perpetrated wickedness of the wicked in the State. And God’s winning in all circumstances in the State!

Now, the term “sole administrator” refers to the system where an individual is assigned the roles, tasks, duties and responsibilities of managing an organization, without much interference or supervision from extraneous forces powers or authority.

A sole administrator is just like a General Manager of an organization or a department of big organizations. He’s like General Overseer of a flourishing pentecostal church.

Generally, it’s a mere nomenclature that serves as stylistic synonym for Chief Executive Officer or Group Managing Director or Chief Operations Officer, etcetera.

Instructively, the term “sole administrator” perfunctory in nature because in practical reality the possibility of a sole administrator is a nullity. There’s no sole administrator anywhere, in real terms.

It’s, therefore, an exercise in terminological inexactitude for anybody to decide to see the term “sole administrator” as derogatory configuration.

In other words, it’s not a shame to call anybody sole administrator, except it has become a negative concept to call people Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Group Managing Director, Chief Operations Officer, etcetera.

Writing a his article recently, one Vitus Nduji chose to entitle his writeup “Uzodimma : The Sole Administrator Of Imo State”! On the face value, he was on a good cause. But on reading down 13-paragraph essay, we noted he was persevering in the now inconsequential pedestrian yabis with narratives of clichés.

We couldn’t see how describing the Executive Governor of Imo State, His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma as a sole administrator earned the author or his paymasters any mark, score or dividend. Governor Uzodimma isn’t a SOLAD in Imo. He’s the democratically elected governor of Imo State!

The best such criticism with such diction could do is give the author a sense or feeling of having expressed his mind about his governor, with the anointing of “If I perish, I perish” upon his head.

In fact, his last sense in the 12th paragraph gave the writer’s mindset away as having intended rendering constructive criticism to the governor, but ended in muddling it up with unnecessary bravado and showmanship!

He wrote thus: “This man occupying Douglas House should wake up.” That was a kind advice based on the extent of the author’s horizon and perspective about the man occupying Douglas House. But is Governor Uzodimma sleeping, by any pole of measure? No!

Truth, however, is that Governor Uzodimma isn’t the sole administrator Nduji dubbed him. Rather, the governor is a democrat, who has proved to possess a good understanding of the workings and runnings of the democratic system of government and governance.

The governor has shown that he understands the theory and practice of delegated responsibility, whereby the principles of division of labour is allowed to flourish unfettered.

That’s why even when Governor Uzodimma embarks on economic trips out of Imo State, from where he attracts dividends of democracy, including the rare presidential visit, federal appointments into the Board NNPC Limited, federal road construction contracts, etcetera, the State still works and runs effectively and efficiently! Does that depict a State run by a so-called sole administrator?

It must be agreed that with the way things have been stabilized in the State by Governor, he delegates and supervises well his lieutenants in the Government House, the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). What else is missing!

To that extent, it’s a misnomer to ascribe the sobriquet of “sole administrator” to the governor with obvious derogatory insinuations. Let criticisms be responsibly weaved with facts and figures. Governor Hope Uzodimma is doing well so far!

By God’s grace, Imo State must be rehabilitated, reconstructed and recovered!!


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