There are conditions in a person’s life, which Ndigbo explain as: “omewere ma chi ekweghi”! That could be translated as: “Striving so hard but destiny, fate or luck refuses to cooperate and deliver success”!

However, it’s the situation where after all said and done, the desired wish and expectations of a person just fails to happen or occur. It reflects the “near success syndrome”. The superstitious minds regard it as “bad omen” or “bad luck”!

Instructively, that condition may be the source of the English saying: “If you can’t beat them, join them”. In life, many people make good efforts to achieve good success. But for inexplicable reasons, they just can’t actualize their desired mandate. They remain customers to failure!

In democratic politics, to the limited extent most people understand it, there are always opponents that form associations in political parties. That creates room for rivalry; the healthy rivalry that characterizes games and sports.

Now, all politics and politicking are gauged by elections, where winners and losers emerge after due electoral, political and legal hostilities and brouhaha.

Ordinarily, after all said and done at the polls and courts, contestants and their parties, winners and losers should embrace, shake hands and depart till the next election.

However, the reality in some climes is for the losers to tenaciously reject the final outcomes of elections and sustainably vent their spleen on the winner. The losers do everything humanly possible to undermine the winner and make life difficult for him with venomous verbal attacks.

Anyhow, it was expected that there comes a time when it becomes obvious that the quakes and shakes by the losers no longer have any direct negative impact on the winner, who must have sat down firmly on his seat of victory, working for the State and the people.

It’s at such a time that the wise opponents tactically withdraw from the political war front back to the situation room to analyze, strategize and restrategize for the next election.

The English say: “He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day”! No war lasts forever! There’s time and season for everything under the sun! Now is peacetime, when shots are inconsequential! Life goes on!

Unfortunately, many politicians prefer to fight to quench in negation of that wise counsel by the English axiom. They keep intoning “over my dead body”! They insist on “no retreat, no surrender”!

And at an appointed time, the more focused winner that they spent all their resources fighting deals them another lethal blow in the next election! Yet, the haphazard opposition aluta continua!

In Imo State, Southeast Nigeria, there was a very ferocious war against the winner of the 2019 governorship election, in the person of His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma. There was a war! But the storm is over!

That war has ended in principle, but some fighters in the opposition are still firing staccato shots sporadically, like deaf and blind soldiers, who didn’t know when truce was reached to allow peacetime to take centre stage! Imo is peaceful!

Because we were involved, we knew when the war ended. We knew when Governor Uzodimma proved to be the indisputable winner of the 2019 gubers in Imo. And we knew there was nothing to warrant further hostilities and brouhaha. It’s finished!

We then remembered that under such circumstances, since we couldn’t beat the governor, the next plausible option or alternative was to join him in the development of the State. Old things passed away and behold all things became new! The rest is now history!

It no longer made sense romancing circumloclution with such clichés as “Supreme Court Governor”, “Made in Abuja Governor”, etcetera. Describing Governor Uzodimma as “Push and Start Governor” gave way, and slowly but steadily turned into mere unserious tales by moonlight!

Faultfinding, hatred, malice, abuses, insults, propaganda and blackmail were no longer making any sense as the man forged ahead posting success, accomplishments and achievements. He became “anu ana agba egbe ona ata nri”!

Governor Uzodimma became azuanuka, elegem face and anamanuihe, while surprising and even shocking his traducers with global standard approaches to successful government and governance delivery.

The borderline, therefore, is that now approaching his first 24 months in office, Governor Uzodimma has disarmed his opponents with his deft and dexterity in handling and managing the matters arising in the State. We feel nobody could have done better!

He has since attained the status of Varta Battery of “agba kpam motor aza vooom”! He has said bye-bye to the days of his early beginning when he was unfairly tagged “push and start”! Obi has since become a man!

As he runs the last lap of his first two years in office, the parabolic midterm, Governor Uzodimma has convinced and not confused honest and sincere Imolites beyond reasonable doubts that Imo State is in God’s good hands and there’s no cause for alarm!

Therefore, intermittently raising online fabricated alarms is a wasteful exercise as the reality on ground speaks favourably well for the governor. Attacking him now is a waste of precious verbal ammo. Since you can’t beat him, consider joining him to contribute your quota in developing our dearly beloved State, Imo! That’s the best way to go!

By God’s grace, Imo State must be rehabilitated, reconstructed and recovered!!


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