Owerri zone, comprising nine local governments, is set to go agog for Prince (Dr) Alex Mbata, whose Foundation, the Prince Alex Mbata Foundation,PAM, is set to unveil the biggest and largest empowerment programme ever undertaken by an individual in Imo State.

The empowerment programme is driven by Dr. Mbata’s burning passion to give aid, succour and assistance to the needy and the less privileged in the society.

It is also in line with his avowed commitment to encourage human development, which he believes, is an indispensable tool in tackling poverty and fighting unemployment.  

Prince Mbata is introducing a new dimension in the art of philanthropy- being the first non public office holder- in Imo State to embark on a huge and monumental empowerment programme valued at N300 million.

The multiplier effect of the programme is enormous. It will spiral into the economy of the State, by taking out 3,000 persons out of the unemployment net in Imo State.

Prince Mbata’s latest empowerment programme is another manifestation of his several verifiable chains of humanitarian deeds and actions- which makes him an unrepentant promoter of public good.

He has single handely introduced economic rearmament of the people of Owerri zone, which has become a viable instrument to tackle the monster of  unemployment and endemic poverty, which has become raving “monsters”  that is ravaging the youths of the zone.

On December 16, 2021, all roads will lead to Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu Square (Formerly Heros Square), Owerri, where over 3,000 men, women, youths, the aged, the Physically Challenged in Owerri zone, will benefit from Mbata’s mega  empowerment scheme.

Over 300 motor bikes, 500 hairdressing equipments, 500 sewing machines, 2000 bags of rice and 50,000 each to 1,000 persons, will be given out to 3,000 persons in all, drawn from the hinterlands in Owerri zone.

The event adds another feather to the cap of the Prince of Ngwoma Obube, the business czar, a gentleman extraordinaire, whose contributions to aid humanity is simply deafening and unprecedented. 

From Ekwereazu to Emekuku, down to Iho, Inyishi, Umuhu, and across the plain lands of Owerri zone, Mbata has indeed taken the act of philantrophy to the next level.

The Empowerment Programme is  expected to attract men and women of goodwill across the State,  key leaders of Owerri zone, who admire Dr. Mbata’s unquenchable fire for the survival of the less privileged.


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