Prof (Dr) Phlip Njemanze, Imo State born renowned neuroscientist,who invented the nanoscale technology behind the mRNA vaccine, has called for caution.

He wrote “Many questions have been posed to me in the general press and by colleagues. I have consistently said I remain on the position that vaccines are very useful and could be used to protect vulnerable groups and in that regard vaccines have performed excellently over the years. The present use of mRNA gene therapy as vaccines is a redefinition of the concept, which we all are learning from. I was the original inventor of a major part of the nanoscale technology that went into the design of the present mRNA vaccines in my patent United States Application titled “Receptor mediated nanoscale copolymer assemblies for diagnostic imaging and therapeutic management of hyperlipidemia and infectious diseases”

“US Patent Application 20050031544 10/635820; Njemanze, Philip Chidi  2005. Read full text at   Although the original intention was to usher a new era of nanoscale treatment for noninfectious and infectious agents (viral and bacterial) with drugs.

“However, the application for the particular purpose of mRNA using the Spike Protein was done by others. I understand the potential use of this nanoscale technology, and that is why we went into the research at Chidicon Medical Center, Owerri. However, quiet frankly, I and other lead investigators do not know enough about what the body will do with our nanoscale particles. I would not subscribe to a large population study of this technology without comprehensive understanding of what this could do in a very small group over some years.

“This informs my precautionary approach to the use of the nanoscale technology particularly its application for the mRNA vaccines (gene-therapy). It is an informed precautionary approach from persons with in-depth understanding on how the technology works rather than uninformed skepticism as some have suggested. I think we must create an open Doctors’ platform for all ideas, so we all can humbly learn from this experience, which we all pray will come to a good outcome. Shutting down ideas is bad for knowledge, which is at the border between the known and unknown. Continue the quest for Knowledge. God Bless You.

Prof. Philip Njemanze


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