Every life commenced at infancy stage; which is a critical level that needs the attention of various sectors of the society towards aiding them to cure their maladies.

The Bible said in Prov. 22: 6 train-up a child in a way he should go, so that when he grows up, he wont depart from it.Which means that for the society to develop optimally.

They ought to equip the various institutions that are saddled with the duty of caring for infants.

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Who is a child? A child is any person below the age of 18 years. Implying that recently born infants and those in primary and secondary schools are within this range.

The societal institutions that are bestowed with the task of training children are: family, health unit, Educational institution, Religious unit, motherless/Abandoned children homes, Media, sports UNICEF etc.

Family is the first unit, where the child hails from, the individuals he encounters are the parents (father and mother) (brothers and sisters), it is the duty of the family to employ the necessary requisite in order train their children properly, they ought to correct their children when they misbehave in order to breed up children that will assist to create an ideal society.

Health unit: in our contemporary society, every child is born either in the hospital or the primary health center (Maternity). So the Medical Cum health professionals that handles children health problems are: the pediatric doctors, pediatric Nurses, Midwives etc. it is their onus to attend to children health needs. When a child is born it is their duty to educate their parents on the importance of immunizing their child for prolonged health living and they ought employ profession carefulness in treating them of heir various ailments.

Educational Unit: Plato said “it is better to be unborn than untaught” as we know education is the light of the world, it is necessary for parents to enroll their wards in standard schools in order to enhance and equip their learning skills. For a better future. So as to be equipped properly in Academic skills in order to avert ignorance; which is a misfortune.

Religious Unit: It is the duty of the parent to ensure their wards are inducted into their religious doctrines. Parents ought to make sure their children are baptized in the church, receive all the various sacraments for their spiral growth, it is the onus of religious leaders to create children unit in their religious organization.

In order to train them properly; they ought to employ religious professionals in child related matters to handle the tedious job. For example, Holy Child hood Association and Block rosary is a good infant associations that moulds infants.

Motherless/Abandoned children home: The Bible said in Psalm 68:5 “God is a father to the fatherless” which means God has entrusted the orphanage homes towards caring for abandoned babies in order to enhance their lives as God created them for a purpose, the people in this areas are; maternal nannies and pediatric health professionals that handles them, they ought to assist this kids for them to discover their purpose in life as life is not a bed of roses.

Media: Media are the various means of dissemination of information. Mass media includes: Television, Radio, Newspapers, and social media; including facebook, twitter instagram, whats app etc. it is the duty to of the parents to align their children towards watching, listening to child related programmes and films on their televisions and radio.

I must commend the film producers that had been producing children films in order to aid their intellectual formation.Sports: it is the duty of their parents to purchase sporting facilities in order for the children to exercise their bodies and terminate disease as all works without play makes jack a dull boy.

UNICEF: It is an international agency that has been saddled with a duty of attending to children’s needs, I must commend and express my gratitude to them for the way they have been assisting the soceity to solve infants problems.

They really organize the children very well in order to celebrate World Children Day on 2oth November, 2021.Children are precious in the eyes of God and Jesus loves them. I will urge the various organs and institutions to create new ideas towards assisting the children to grow. At this juncture I must doff my hat to Dr Ben Carson a retired pediatric Neurogeon who have been assisting children to actualize their purpose. As we celebrate Christimas I wish all infants “Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.


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