Chidcon scientific Briefings 2022.

Dr, you were interested in further sex differences in the human brain.Particularly, if there is a difference between men and women in perception of faces? Doctor this is a very important question and many neuroscientists have worked on the subject of perception of faces.

This is at the foundation of human relations and comprises the Theory of Mind. Major strides were made using positron emission tomography and it was agreed that during perception of faces, major activations occur in the extrastriate areas bilaterally, particularly in the fusiform gyri and in the inferior temporal gyri. However, on the subject of gender differences in hemisphere processing of faces, there was no clear answer.

In the work [Njemanze PC. Cerebral lateralization of facial processing: Gender-related cognitive styles determined using Fourier analysis of mean cerebral blood flow velocity in the middle cerebral arteries. LATERALITY, 2007, 12(1):31-49; ],

I demonstrated that men processed objects and faces in the right hemisphere, while women processed faces but not objects in the left hemisphere. This is a crucial gender-based distinction that clearly suggests reversed hemispheric asymmetry of neural substrates for processing faces but not non-faces. Men and women are different in the BRAIN! Hence, Gender Complimentarity!

Read Full Doc below, download.


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