An author and neuroscientist, Prof (Dr) Philip Njemanze, in his new book, Wailing Walls Of Jerusalem: Igbo Mediators Of Yahweh Culture of Life Volume V, revealed that the real temple of Solomon is in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. Njemanze said in the new book, the exact location and the map with drawings of the features of the before the destruction at 70AD was provided.

He also gave the first accurate account of the true location of the ancient city of Jerusalem.

In a brief description of the book, Njemanze wrote:

This Book: Wailing Walls of Jerusalem, Igbo Mediators of Yahweh Culture of Life Volume V, has its setting in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.It is the first accurate account of the true location of the City of Ancient Jerusalem (Igbo language: iyī e rusalem, meaning ‘evil [of abortion] should not touch me’).

This assertion is supported by a map titled ‘Ìlú Yèrúsàlέmì ńǹwèrè Yèésú’ meaning ‘Capital City of Jerusalem at the Birth of Jesus Christ’) believed to have been made by anonymous Yoruba King visiting the City of Jerusalem before its destruction by 70AD.

The city was surrounded by the inner Wailing Walls (Igbo language: ihi e ti eti, meaning ‘the wailing wall’) built around the Heart of the Capital City of Ancient Jerusalem (Igbo language: iyī e rusalam, meaning ‘evil should not touch me’) which was the home of King David to this day called Amawọm (Igbo language: ama Owe m, meaning ‘the settlement of my Leader [King David]’).

The walls enclosed the Royal Palace of King David (Igbo language: Di wụ edo, meaning ‘the man who is fair in complexion’), the Old Temple of King Solomon (Igbo language: isi e lo ama ana, meaning ‘the head that thinks wisely for the land’), the Houses of the Chief Priests and Scribes, and houses of the indigenous people within the area traversed by the Sea of Galilee (Igbo language: ogo li elu, meaning ‘the districts on heights’). This book builds on the theme of the book series on the Igbo as the Chosen People of God.


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