It is expected that when ascertaining leadership qualities in a man, one must consider integrity, intelligence and energy. If a man does not have the first, the other two will destroy him.

This is why Orlu zone should opt for Dr ThankGod Ezeani, Ogbaturuenyi, a cerebral personality, a man of great wit, a devout Christian, a good community man and a transformational leader who over the years has created a meaningful life adorned with integrity.

Orlu zone is now dangerously bedeviled with insecurity, incessant killings, kidnapping and unfathomable evil. What lessons do we find in our current challenge? Understanding what our current realities are is critical if we are to resolve myraids of existential crisis facing orlu right now. The current escalation and emerging violence hang much blame on the failure of governance. Vices are becoming more prominent with the negligence of governance. Democracy is in deep crisis now, the benefits of good governance are eluding many people, therefore we must redeem democracy by supporting a man we can trust, a man who understands what governance means and who will be responsive to the will of the people. The voice of the masses are of consequence to him.

The name EZEANI keeps ringing gleeful bells at home (Nigeria) and in diaspora because he is a force to reckon with. His uncommon personality reflects integrity, character, dignity, morality and charity. His wealth of experience, maturity and nobility gives him an edge over others. The confidence reposed on him by people are as a result of his uncompromising stance in matters affecting human beings especially the ranks and files.

Orlu zone cannot afford to hand over it’s leadership to men without strength of character or with scandalous history when we have a man with impeccable qualities and admirable personality. Let him who the cap fits, wear it. Unlike most politicians who think of the next election, Dr Ezeani thinks of the next generation. He is in politics to leave footprints for posterity. The imparts he made as a Federal Lawmaker speak volumes of his anticidents. His service to humanity and contributions to community developments are not politically spurred but are an exact definition of himself.

Having handled chains of businesses for many years, he has vast experience in leadership with specialty in the business of management of man and resources at a corporate level and with global best practices. He is an intellectual who fully understands democracy and has practical solutions to the sociopolitical and economic problems of the society. He is a visionary leader who pays attention to details and a highly cordinated and methodical man who believes in due process and works with constitutional rules.

To him leadership must be for the benefit of the followers and not to enrich the leader. Here is a successful Entrepreneur, a famous Industrialist, an employer of labour whose source of wealth is known by all. We cannot trust our lives and the future of our children to a leader or leaders, whose sources of livelihood are questionable. In different occasions Dr EZEANI has examplified true leadership to be responsibility and not a privilege.

When a zone is rattled with bad governance or whittled with unjust policies, the whole system is affected. We are today harping on 2023 election because any mistake will lead to a four years of collosal frustration.
With rule of law and due process as his watchword, EZEANI remains the preferred aspirant.

Think Ezeani, dream Ezeani and support Ezeani.

In Ezeani we thank God.

Nnadozie, is the DG, Ezeani Media Centre, EMC


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