Re- Echoes Dangers Of Maputo Protocol

The Global Prolife Alliance, GPA, Council on World Peace, says it has designated February 14, 2023, as Africa’s Prolife’s day, and henceforth an Annual All Africa (AAAP) March will take place on that day, alongside the Valentine’s Day.

According to a statement by Chairman, Global Prolife Alliance, GPA, Council on World Peace, Dr.Philip Njemanze, he said the decision was taken after it’s first online meeting.

The meeting was attended by the Global Prolife Alliance, GPA, African Anti-Abortion Coalition (AAAC), Representatives of Non Governmental Organizations, Religious Organizations, Youth Groups, Civil Society Groups and activists.

Njemanze in the statement, said the February 14 date was chosen along with the international Lovers Day, “so the love would extend to the unborn child”

“The theme of the 2023 AAAP March is: Save African Child, Stop Maputo Protocol.

“The 2023 AAAP March will create awareness about the dangers of Maputo Protocol which mandates abortion on the people using Totalitarian orders” part of the statement read.

Njemanze again listed the twelve 12 dangers of Maputo Protocol which include:

*Legalization of Abortion

*Legalization of Poaching of Ovarian Eggs from African Women for cloning

*Bans Holy Bible
*Bans Male Only Sultan ship, Emirship and Ezeship

*Blackmails African Leaders,Threatens ICC Arrest

*Erases African Worldview

*Curtails Freedom of Religion

*Curtails Freedom Of Religion

*Curtails Freedom of the Press

*Abolishes African Traditional Institutions

*Instituted Biological Colonization of Africa

The GPA called “on all leaders, including political, religious and social to organize in their localities the AAAP March on February 14, 2023.

“However, from now, all local organizations could organize Prolife marches to set up partnerships leading to the big march” the statement concluded.



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