Speaker Emeritus of the Imo State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Godfrey Dikeocha, has revealed of plans by those he described as “serial election losers, political desperadoes and liliputs” in Owerri zone to sponsor falsehood and lies against astute businessman and philanthropist, Prince (Dr) Alex Mbata, the founder of PAM Foundation.

A statement signed by Dikeocha and made available to newsmen in Owerri reads:

“The PAM Humanitarian Foundation has uncovered plans by a serial election loser and well known political desperado in the State, to sponsor falsehood in the media against Prince Alex Mbata and the PAM Humanitarian Foundation.

“Part of the plot, perfected by this purveyor of falsehood, is to confuse and deceive the unsuspecting public to believe his gibberish and bundle of lies he will spew against the PAM Foundation.

“Rather focus on his crumbling political voyage which is on the verge of hitting the rocks,this agent of hate is labouring in vain to confuse the people of Owerri zone to believe that PAM Humanitarian Foundation is spending millions of naira on the rural populace in Owerri zone for political gains.

“The PAM Foundation would have ignored his old lullaby, on the basis it is an idle talk from an idle and confused mind, who has transferred his political frustrations on those who seek to better the lot of the people of Owerri zone.

“However, for the sake of the un-discerning and those who may fall prey to his antics,  we decided to set the records straight.
PAM Foundation, in line with its core objective  to aid the needy and offer financial support to the less privileged, on December 16, 2021, unveiled the biggest empowerment programme in Imo State.

“At the event held at the Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu Square (Formerly Heros Square) Owerri which was witnessed by His Excellency, the Governor of Imo State, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, the Foundation gave out several motorbikes, sewing machines, modern hair dryers to over 3,000 beneficiaries drawn from the 104 wards in Owerri Zone.Indigent persons with bank accounts  in each of the 104 wards in Owerri zone received N50,000 cash.

“After the event, the Foundation continued to fulfill its promise to the beneficiaries by transferring N50,000 to those who supplied their bank accounts. All the beneficiaries whose names matched their bank accounts were promptly paid by the banks.
While this process was ongoing, the banks later discovered and informed the Foundation that some names of some beneficiaries did not match the bank account they supplied.

“At this juncture, the banks discontinued payment to avoid paying the wrong persons.

“However, in line with our magnanimity to ensure that no beneficiary was left out despite the challenges, PAM Foundation set out to pay beneficiaries who had issues with their bank accounts, by hand. And to ensure that the targeted beneficiaries received their cash, the Foundation requested for documentary identification from them

“The Foundation requested for. 1. National Identity Card or 2. Drivers License or 3. Letter of Identification from the beneficiary’s Traditional ruler or 4. Parish Priest or 5. Valid INEC Voters Card.

“At no time did the PAM Foundation specifically insist from the beneficiaries to bring their Voters Card. Rather it was one of the options given to the beneficiaries for proper identification to collect their cash, if they could not provide items 1-3.

“The exercise went on smoothly, to the delight of the beneficiaries and to the glory of God.
PAM Foundation has continuously received accolades and tremendous applause from well meaning Imolites for this singular and unique gesture.

“An elder statesman, Chief (Engr) Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, who was present at the Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu Square, venue of the empowerment programme,  showered praises on Prince Alex Mbata for displaying such a rare show of human kindness on the people of Owerri Zone.

“It is therefore strange how some lilliputs, enemies of the people of Owerri zone who put on the garment of deceit and in their brazen disdain for the people of the zone have resorted to malign Prince Mbata and PAM Foundation for carrying out such a massive empowerment programme.

“To refresh the memory of  these agents of hate and envy, PAM Foundation was set up in 2015 by Prince Mbata and has since then, embarked on relentless and massive empowerment programmes for the indigent in other states of the Federation, such as Lagos State.

“The empowerment programmes were never politically motivated, as most of the beneficiaries,some of them non Igbos, never knew Prince Mbata or had a relationship with him.  Prince Mbata and the PAM Foundation, resolved to extend such acts of benevolence back home by empowering over 3,000 people in one swoop!

“And beyond these several  humanitarian acts, PAM Foundation also contributed to the infrastructural development of Imo State by building Grade A roads with street lights in Ngwoma Obube in Owerri North Local Government Area and in the heart of Owerri Municipal.

“Prince Mbata and the PAM Foundation never built these roads for political reasons, because the political season was not in sight when he embarked on these projects. He was simply driven and motivated to do so to contribute his quota to the development of his dear State.

“We call on those who seek for public office, especially those politicians who have resorted to mudslinging on PAM Humanitarian Foundation to show or display what they have done for the people of Owerri zone.

“It is time aspirants, public office seekers particularly in Owerri zone, give account of what they have done for the people in their private capacity before seeking for their votes to represent them at the Senate.

“Gone are the days the people of Owerri zone are hoodwinked by fake, empty promises and  deceived by sweet coated tongues of political comedians  who see public office as a sure route to enrich themselves.

“That era is gone. A new beginning is in the offing in Owerri zone because a new Sheriff is in town!



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