Many good people shun partisan politics because of its unpredictable nature. Nigerian politics is full of intractable intrigues and has become a dumping ground for all manner of persons or shades of characters.

Truth be told, politics is a leveller. Many come into politics to try their luck without anything to offer. This makes politics look like kalokalo or Betnaija business.

On the contrary, politics is service delivery.

In the good old days, genuine and accomplished persons were sought after and offered or prevailed upon by their people at home to mount leadership positions whether as traditional rulers or political representatives.

Today, mechanic no gree make we know who be mad man again. (Mechanic ekweghi k’anyi mara ndi ara). Every Tom, Dick and Harry, including those who have not done anything for themselves or of significance, want to be political office holders. Hence, Nigerian politics is characteristically full of noise and noise makers.

All manner of persons and characters now jostle for political and leadership positions in Nigeria. Too bad!

This must stop as 2023 signposts a radical departure from the past, at least in our Owerri Zone Senate Seat. There must be a paradigm shift to enthrone competence, credibility and compassionate leadership.

The search for good men and women to lift Nigeria out of her present perilous times is on and Owerri Zone cannot be left behind.

When you do not participate in politics, and when you do not elect altruistic leaders, you give your inferiors the opportunity to rule you and ruin your peace among other things.

To get it right, good men and women of character, competence and credibility must never shy away from political participation and wherever they hide, like golden fish, they must be identified to provide leadership.

We therefore celebrate the massive clarion calls on Prince Alex Mbata popularly known as and called ABM to come out and represent Owerri Zone in the Senate in 2023.

This grassroots propelled call is both timely and divine and should be supported by all and sundry across party lines.

ABM is a household name in our Owerri Zone and beyond. This immensely popular and internationally exposed Ngwoma Obube , Owerri North LGA born phenomenal philanthropist is a developmental leader.

ABM wu ome nwanne.

Only good men with strong character and core grassroots credibility can deliver the dividends of democracy.

A Senator must be distinguished and not extinguished, fledging or struggling. Prince Alex Mbata is both Distinguished and Outstanding.

This is where ABM comes in and stands shoulders high above others bringing themselves out. No more push and start in Owerri Zone Senate.

Happily, Owerri Zone will proudly settle for a man of proven character, competence and credibility. It is as simple as ABM.


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