The President of Global Prolife Alliance, GPA, Prof (Dr) Philip Njemanze has raised an alarm, lamenting the ordeal of farmers, particularly in the North West region, where activities of terrorists have been prevalent.

He said most victims of the insurgency in the areas were farmers, alleging that terror activities are mainly sponsored by foreign sponsors targeted at hijacking the nation’s food security by Western Biotechnology Companies.

According to him, about 37, 500 farmers were victims of Boko Haram attacks, of which 85 percent were Muslims and 5,500 or 15 percent were Christians.

He wrote “ All victims were farmers and mainly natural seed growers in their communities and were tracked using “Electronic Wallets” that is, cell phones for receiving Agriculture Credit Loans donated by Bill Gates through the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


“They were killed by their competitors the Western Biotechnology Companies, producing Genetically Modified Seeds who want to replace all the natural seeds of the staple foods in Nigeria and hijack the food security of Nigeria

“The other farmers were driven into IDP camps and given GMO seeds deceptively called ‘improved seeds’ for settlement farming, as a result all fields are now GMO. Control the Food you Control the people – Henry Kissenger’. Help Save Nigerian Farmers  and secure the food security by banning all GMO Seeds, crops and food products in Nigeria and all of Africa” he wrote.



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