The President, the Global Prolife Alliance, GPA, Dr. Philip Njemanze, has raised fresh alarm, revealing that OFAB, the propaganda mouthpiece of international Biotech companies in Africa, have began a misinformation campaign on GMO cowpeas.

He described GMO’s as poison, calling on well meaning Nigerians to join the campaign to ban GMO’s in Nigeria.

Njemanze, stated that GPA had given an exposition on how Muslims and Christians, who are natural seed growers are been ‘eliminated’, to pave way for the introduction of GMO cowpeas as staple food in Nigeria.

“The aim is to capture the food security of Africa and begin Africa Biological colonization. Between 2015- 2018, 37,000 farmers were natural seed growers of which 85% or 32,000 were Muslims and 15% or 5,000 were Christians.

He said the Biotech companies through their agents, “come to farmers in IDP camps to distribute the GMO cowpeas called improved seeds.

“GMO causes cancer, anemia, growth retardiation, infertility” he revealed.


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