In the wake of the Insecurity and unrest in the southeast and Imo state as the epicentre, Governor Uzodimma convened stakeholders’ meeting where he and all the stake holders comprising, the clergy, government officials, former government officials, ex and serving security personnel, the traditional leaders, the youths, captains of Industries and Residents had  interactive sessions. The Insecurity in the state, the state economy and how the unrest has affected it and our personal liberty.

He called on the vested interest groups to sheath their swords and join him in building a state of our dreams and that of our unborn children. Many leaders aired their views and unanimous decisions were reached. 

It was in that meeting the Governor intimated them on his resolve to protect the law abiding citizens of the state, the residents, their businesses and properties and as a government, him and his team cannot fold their arms and allow criminals to overrun the state. The leaders also issued their advise and support on his resolve to make Imo a safe place for Imolites and all Nigerians.

These meetings held three different times and the Governor’s scorecards in all the mandates given to his government were x-rayed and pass marks given.  The Governor also made great progress in protecting the State armed with the mandates of the stakeholders and the people who also aligned with him that the Insecurity was and still is politically contrived.

On Saturday 2/4/2022; Governor Chukwuma Soludo held similar meeting but with a different caption, same and similar topics was discussed and he made similar calls like Uzodimma did last year.  Soludo’s administration though still nascent started in same footing like Uzodimma but not with similar challenges as faced by the Man in the helm of affairs in Imo. 

He is not seen as a usurper yet  but he is now been addressed as Fulani stooge in some quarters for daring to call out those behind the unpopular *sit-at-home* order and advised them to retrace their tracks as the order is not yielding any fruit rather it is chasing investors away from our Land. 

In that meeting, all the speakers harped on the need for our youths to shun violence and embrace Peace as violent means has never achieved any good result or desired goals. 

Uzodimma’s Stakeholders’ meeting did not enjoy the media attention like that of his younger Governor brother, Soludo because in Imo we have many bitter souls, people who see politics as a means to earn a living, those who has beliefs that if not them at helms, no one else so the state must be burnt till they achieve their selfish interests and goals.

They always sponsor negative news about the state which often scares interested investors away from the state.The shocker here is that the state government under Uzodimma is performing above the expectations of his traducers and it has made them so jittery that they don’t have any option than instilling fears in our people, sponsoring hate filled statements on social media and other conventional media platforms.

We pray Soludo continues in this noble line he is towing and never shy away from tackling the Insecurity head on like his Elder brother Governor is doing in Imo. Let Imo and Anambra be safe again and the routine of make the money in Anambra and head to Imo (Owerri) to spend it continue. May ala Igbo succeed… May Imo and Anambra succeed and in peace ultimately


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