In his book, “God the Black man and Truth” Ben Ammi states, “If you acknowledge the archaeological findings that earliest man originated from the North Eastern Africa, then what is written in the bible as it patterns to the creation of man and the garden of Eden is confirmed…oddly enough, despite many black’s love for God of creation, few realize the truth of our beginnings that are contained in the Bible. We are so caught with religion that we are not seeing what is actually contained in the Bible”. When you read the Bible and see most pictures, you will discover that most angels are portrayed white. The most annoying situation is when you see the children of the white men being portrayed as angels with growing wings. Then you will see the only black biblical figure with an ugly face and a tail bearing two horns labeled Lucifer. What a shame!

 In the Song of Songs 1:5-6 the bible says, “I am black, but comely… look not upon me, because I am black… in chapter 5:11, the  bible talks about Christ thus, “his head is as the most fine gold, his locks are bushy, and black as a raven”. Jesus Christ was a core black man because some of his ancient pictures that are available to me, taken from the original African Edition of the Holy Bible are still accessible to those who are interested in history as it was. The secret history of the world attests to the fact that the Christ was a black man and that he will return (Second Advent) to the nation of Africa in black skin. The original picture of Christ was changed following the Western Religious deception initiated by Pope Julius II, in the year 1505. He instructed Michelangelo the world best artiste to illustrate the picture of Christ as a white man with long silky hair instead of the black Nazareth with locks on his head according to biblical records. In his book, “Most Hidden Truths” Frank Times states, “The worst atrocity they committed was to portray an ugly looking black person with evil teeth and a long tail and called him Lucifer, while the Bible made it clear that Lucifer was the most beautiful of all angels made of gold and onyx stones”.

 Jesus Christ became a white man and Lucifer became a black man as Michelangelo upon Pope Julius’s instruction portrayed. This apex of religious deception and hocus-pocus was designed to make the black people of Africa perpetually slaves in the sacred history of human race. The work of Michelangelo was captured by another author Ralph Ellis in his great book, “Jesus Last of the Pharaohs” thus …a famous example of this is the Pieta sculpture by Michelangelo, commissioned in 1497. People can see what they want to see in his composition- the crucified Jesus resting on the lap of his beautiful mother, Mary. Yet if one takes a closer look at the sculpture, it suddenly become obvious that Mary is being depicted as looking several years younger than Jesus…”

  As it were, the descendants of the family of Jesus often known as the Grail family could easily portray Jesus with a young woman, describing her as the mother of Jesus and avoid the suspicions of the inquisition. They could even call the work Mary and Jesus without reproach, despite the fact that the scene was a blatant portrayal of Jesus and Mary Magdalene together according to esoteric tradition of Christianity. Deciding which Mary was intended becomes an individual’s choice; for the Roman Catholics, it is mother and son, for the Grail family it is husband and wife. Each can look on the work with pride and joy, but what they perceive is utterly different. Whether the Grail family is right or not is not my major concern here. I am aware that the person of Christ, his identity and personal life have been a major point of concern to many scholars, some have propounded many false views about him and have sold same to the black nation in order to enslave them the more while they make their pecuniary gain. It is upon this that Christianity particularly the Pentecostal is built upon.

 The above assertion is attested to by Jonathan Black in his famous book, “The Secret History of the World” thus, “How to recognize Satan or any false prophet, or any false purportedly spiritual teaching? False teachings usually have little or no moral dimension, the benefits of re-awakening Chakras, for example, being recommended merely in terms of selfish personal growth. True spiritual teaching puts love of others and humanity at its heart- intelligent love, freely given. Beware, too, of teachings that doesn’t invite questioning or tolerate mockery. It is telling you, in effect, that God wants you to be stupid”. False teachings from the West have ravaged out society.

When I published my article in the United States of America tilted “The True Colour of (God) – Christ” many American Scholars opposed me and called me names. Even in Nigeria, many of my colleagues blasphemed me and accused me of bigotry. Many in Igbo land negated my scholastic approach but today I have been justified. After all, few years ago, the topic  of Odenigbo lecture (a yearly public lecture organized by the Arch Bishop JVC Obinna) was “Jesus was a Black Man”. This topic however justifies the fact that the Church has woken up from deep slumber by tracing history as it was.  In fact, if people are denied of books especially the right type of books they suffer academic malnutrition, stagnation and atrophy. Every great truth begins as blasphemy. In the 19th century, the problem was that God was dead. In the 20th century, the problem was that man was dead. In the 19th century, inhumanity meant cruelty. In the 20th century it means schizoid self alienation. The danger of the past was that men became slaves; the danger of the future is that, with the degree of falsehood oozing out from the Western credo the black race may automatically be turned to robot.

  All over the world following an advanced eschatological calculation of the ancient, and the promise made by the black Christ before he was abducted (taken up) by his “inter-planetary parents” people are expecting the world to come to an end. This will happen via the coming of the African Christ. The Mayan astronomer- priests pin-pointed the incarnation of Lucifer to 13 August 3114 B.C, typing in closely with Hindu traditions of the dawn of the Dark Age. This same priest predicted a similar turning point in history, the closing of one great circle and the starting of another, on 22 December A.D 2012. At the moment life on earth is rapidly changing. For over two thousand years, humanity have gone about their lives oblivious of the fact that we live in solar system within the Milky-Way galaxy within a Cosmos- all operating according to an orderly divine plan. This lack of knowledge is about to end. Many changes are divinely scheduled for our solar system

  To this end many members of our galactic family are already present within earth’s environ. One of many signs that the changes are under way is the arrival of the planet X in our part of the solar system as it makes it regular approximately 3600 years orbit around the Sun. Ancient historical records reveals various names for this planet, including the biblical Wormwood (Rev 8:11), the ancient Sumerians, Nibiru, the Incas Hercolubus and the modern scientific community’s planet X. Although well known in the antiquity, our modern astronomers only recently discovered planet X in 1983 in the vicinity of Orion’s Belt. News about this planet was quickly covered up by the US government and it has remained so. Ancient records of planet X’s periodic arrival near earth relates stories of tremendous upheaval accompanying its passage.

  Modern astronomers became aware of planet X as it neared our part of the solar system and became visible through their telescope. Prior to this discovery, many prophecies including those of Edgar Cayce predicted catastrophic earth changes. In 1976 Zechariah Sitchin publish a ground breaking book “The Twelfth Planet” in this book are astonishing archeological evidence of earth’s ancient relationship with extra-terrestrials and knowledge of our solar system’s history including the additional planet mentioned above. In view of this, majority of us are of the conviction that the Christ must return before the arrival of the New Heaven and the New Earth. The great question then is, has the African Christ returned? The result of my investigation is very controversial and must not be mistaken for apostasy and bigotry. Watch out for it! 


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