The Owerri Solidarity Front, OSF, has risen in strong defence of Prince Alex Mbata in the media, vowing to expose who have resorted to spew false narratives against the business mogul, who is vying for Owerri Zone Senatorial seat on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC.


Our attention has been drawn to a consistent and relentless attempt by  agents of falsehood to paint Prince Alex Mbata in bad light in the media, reving up bundle of lies, all in a bid to smear his good image.

The latest diatribe as concocted by a group and published by Watchdog Newspaper, is not only false  but a jaundiced opinion loaded with narratives that are untrue and lacks foundation.

For the general public not be deceived by these cesspool of lies as bandied in the report by a group, EVERY CHILD EDUCATION AND ADVANCEMENT FOUNDATION, (ECEAF),  it is important the facts are laid bare, particularly Prince Mbata’s role when he was Pro Chancellor of Imo State University.

1.Prince Alex Mbata was never indicted by any Government White Paper Report on  IMSU

2. Prince Mbata never awarded any contract  to any contractor or replaced any consultant to undertake any project, when he was Pro Chancellor of Imo State University.

3. It is the prerogative of the Vice Chancellor of any citadel of learning to  officially engage  contractors/Consultants. In this case, the then Vice Chancellor, Prof (Mrs) Adaobi Obasi, at that time  authorized the appointment of consultants/contractors, and not Prince Mbata.

3. All TET-FUND AND NEEDS Projects in IMSU are detailed in a Government White Paper of 13th April, 2016.  Prince Mbata is not a member, staff or authority of TETFUND, thus not in a position to influence any contract or project of a Federal Government Agency.

 4. The Report of the Imo State University Governing Council Ad Hoc Committee on TET-FUND and NEEDS Assessment Projects recommended severe penalties for those involved in mismanaging/misapplying funds of  TETFUND/NEEDS  projects of Imo State University. The report is a public document.  Prince Alex Mbata is not among those listed.

5. It is important to note that the IMSU visitation Panel (2012- 2019) never confronted Prince Alex Mbata, with any petitions, allegations or questions, when he was invited in March, 2020 for questioning to give account of his stewardship when he was Pro Chancellor of the University.

 6. It is therefore preposterous for anyone to make unsubstantiated  claims against Prince Alex Mbata, concerning his reign as Pro Vice Chancellor of the University, all in a bid to paint him with mud.

7. If this image smearing on Prince Mbata continues, we shall be compelled to release the full contents of the 2016 White- Paper Report, which clearly indicted some university management staff, including some contractors and consultants.

8. The general public has been misinformed on this matter for too long. Again, we will be forced to make more shocking revelations, including about those behind this campaign of calumny against him,  if he is not let be.

9.  Prince Mbata has conducted himself with high level of decency and decorum. He  has never and will never compromise his integrity and credibility for filthy lucre.

Testimonies abound of his transparency and diligence, twin factors which has enabled him to remain a business mogul, with chains of verifiable businesses which has earned him several awards and recognition in the country and beyond.

He has remained a pillar of support to his dear State, contributing in no small measure to the development of the State via construction of roads with his personal funds,  aiding the needy and the vulnerable in the society.


It is also regrettable that politics in our clime has been reduced to an avenue for mudslinging and blackmail. This is unacceptable.

And we, Owerri Solidarity Front, OSF,  tend to believe that those spewing these false narratives against Mbata are either suffering from inferiority complex and are intimidated by his towering political and business profile ahead of the forthcoming APC Primaries.

We also warn  in strong terms, that  those behind these consistent blackmail against Prince Mbata in the media to desist forthwith and rather focus on marketing their sponsors whom we know are in the senatorial race.

Enough is Enough.


Ben Okere (President General)

Ignatius Ibegbulam (Secretary)

Lawrence Umunnakwe (Publicity Secretary)


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