*To Prevent Mass Harvesting Of Human Organs*

The President, Global Prolife Alliance, GPA, Prof (Dr) Philip Njemanze has said National Security demands that Federal Government amends the National Health Act 2014.

Njemanze in a letter wrote:

Distinguished Senator ,
“National Security Demands Federal Government Amendment of the National Health Act 2014 to Prevent Mass Harvesting of Human Organs and Poaching of Ovarian Eggs from Nigerians.

“We would like to draw your attention to the Statues of the National Health Act 2014 (NHAct)  that permit Human Organ Trafficking and Poaching of Ovarian Eggs that may lead to deaths of millions of Nigerians.

“We hereby warn that if the NHAct is implemented without the proposed amendments it will facilitate the operations of International Organized Criminal Cartel on Human Organ and Ovarian Egg Trafficking. On the other hand, if terminated now and the crime exposed, Nigeria would be Saved!

The Letter (DOWNLOAD)



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