Kingsley Moghalu, presidential aspirant of African Democratic Congress, ADC, has quit the party after a failed attempt to pick the party’s presidential ticket.

Dumebi Kachikwu, Founder of Roots Television, defeated  Moghalu in the presidential primary held on June 8 in Abeoukuta, Ogun State capital.

Moghalu, in 2019, was presidential flag-bearer of Young Progressive Party, YPP.

Moghalu, in a letter to the National Chairman of the ADC, Okey Nwosu, said the conduct of the primary election “revealed a fundamental clash of values between me and your leadership of the party”

“I resigned because the process and conduct of the party’s presidential primary on June 8, 2022, at Abeokuta revealed a fundamental clash of values between me and your leadership of the party” part of his resignation letter read.

“Despite the circular you issued a few days to the primary committing the party to providing transportation and accomodation for delegates to and in Abeoukuta, and which as we agreed would provide a level playing for all the presidential aspirants, the party under your leadership failed to do so.

“Some aspirants, including myself, made donations to the ADC party account as requested by the party for this purpose. This failure, which appeared intentional, created room for massive abuses of the electoral process including delegate capture and financial inducement of delegates. This is only one of numerous inconsistencies and the absence of transparency and predictability in the management of the party that I had progressively complained about.

“As you are well aware, I have consistently resisted pressures to join the APC or the PDP precisely to avoid “cash-and-carry” politics. For me to remain a member of the ADC therefore, after what thousands of party members participated in at Abeokuta, would be to endorse political corruption of a most obscene order.

I joined the ADC in October 2021 with the best of intentions. Since then, I have put my entire team to work on growing and improving the party, including raising the party’s visibility on all media platforms, recruiting more than 10,000 new members to the party, and providing new offices for various state chapters of the party at my expense. It is deeply regrettable that other inducements appear to have played more important roles in determining the outcome of the primary than loyalty to the party” his letter stated


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