Popular Cleric and General Overseer, New Life Evangelical Church, Bishop Blaise C.Iwuogo, Ph.D, has revealed God’s wrath for Abia State if the former Minister of State for Mines and Steel Development, Uche Ogah, is not elected the State Governor.

The Cleric had last week revealed that God has ordained Ogah as the next Governor of the State, who would rebuild the city of Aba and restore Abia State to God.

In his latest statement the Bishop said, “by virtue of the recent revelations I have been receiving in the last couple of days, a great doom awaits all those resisting the emergence of Uche Ogah as the next Governor of Abia State.God keeps telling me to issue this warning to Abians.”

He said the crisis in the Abia All Progressives Congress, APC, is expected.

“I have read reports that Abia APC is already in crisis mode. Not just APC, the Lord says He will not spare all that will oppose His appointment of Uche Ogah to lead Abia State toward the road of restoration.”

“Thus says the Lord, ‘Continue to warn them. Warn all of them; their kingmakers, some of whom I have not chosen. Warn them, warn the people, let all know that I, the Lord have come down from heaven to wipe away the tears of the people of Abia State for my name’s sake. This is My land. Can a man battle with his Maker and not be bruised? I will not spare them who stand in My way. Behold I will beat them with a rod of iron and dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.”

Bishop Blaise, who is also the National Co-ordinator, Intercessors For Good Governance, said he does not take delight in prophesying doom but stated, “I want to make it clear to the people of Abia State that the worst is yet to come if they reject the word of God previously delivered to them that Uche Ogah is God’s chosen servant. The people of Abia State should put their trust in God and believe His words, without doubting.”

“Abia State is not the first State the Lord has told me to warn about the evil that lies ahead, if they should disobey the word of God. It happened in 2011 when I issued a similar warning to another State in the South East. That State is still struggling.”

The Bishop continued, “People should know that God hears the prayer of the saints. God has His Way of doing things. God can choose whomever He pleases to be Governor for any reason best known to Him. Yes, there must be an election, but we should be careful not to incur the wrath of God in the process, after we have received His word.

“By this revelation, I call on all the God fearing people in Abia State to rise up and move swiftly into aggressive warfare prayer with thanksgiving, as the time is now for Kingdom sons to take back Abia State to the glory of God.”

“I see better days ahead for Abia State, if they can key into the word of God,” he concluded.


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