Global Prolife Alliance Chairman, Prof (Dr) Philip Njemanze, has said the National Assembly can end insecurity in the country within six months if it takes certain steps.

Njemanze tasked the National Assembly to  “ban of genetically modified organism crops (GMO) crops in Nigeria and burning all the existing  farm fields and replanting of Natural crops immediately.

According to him“this will stop the entire biotechnology conglomerates from funding mercenaries to kill natural seed grower farmers so as to replace the natural crops with GMO crops. Russia, Hungary, and Italy took the same measures.

“Repeal  of the National Health Act 2014 (NHAct2014) that permits Poaching  (Harvesting) of Organs of Nigerians without Consent! This will stop the entire Human Organ Trafficking Cartel from funding Acts of terror to bring down the Nigerian Government because the present Buhari Administration is rejecting implementation of the NHAct2014. 

 “Institute OPEN public investigation of Insecurity in Nigeria through a National Commission on Insecurity in Nigeria” he stated

Njemanze claimed that “the Federal Government and the National Assembly have avoided the issue of sponsors of Boko Haram, both foreign and National

“This is the key to solving the insecurity problem. I would suggest that SERAP demand that the NASS AND FG commence public investigation into sponsors of Boko Haram, bandits and others. A joint commission should be established to be headed by a former Federal or Appeal Court judge.

“It would include members from the NASS, representatives from all 6 geopolitical zones, farmers and others.

“Since the insecurity started in the Goodluck Jonathan administration it would be wise to commence from there to call witnesses. All ministers of agriculture, special advisers to the present on agriculture and national security advisers must give open testimony. All ministers of Defense from 2015 to present must testify. Also all directors of NCC must testify on the Electronic Wallet cell phones. All Foreign organizations identified with any links must testify. When Foreign citizens are involved extradition orders could be issued if they refuse to come by themselves.

“Crucial would be the testimonies of Dr Akinwumi Adesina who was minister of agriculture in the Jonathan administration when the killing of farmers started. Also important is the testimony of Bill Gates who was the Eminent person presidential special adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Agriculture. Some interesting information is to examine, why farmers who are seed growers are being killed.

“According to data from the US Council of Foreign Relations between 2015-2018 37,500 people were killed of which 85% or 32000 were Muslims while 15% or 5500 were Christians. If this is Islamization why are many Muslims killed? Why are seed growers killed? At the same time that Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) seeds are being introduced into Nigeria’s agricultural sector mainly from Monsanto. The majority shareholder in Monsanto is Bill Gates. Dr Akinwumi Adesina was the director of AGRA a Bill Gates organization before he became Minister. Could it be that Bill Gates has the aim to capture the food Security of Nigeria got his protégé Dr Adesina to adopt GMO seeds that do not replicate so that the entire food security of Nigeria would be under Monsanto and Bill Gates.

“How did they militarise the conflict? Bill Gates and Monsanto own the private army called Blackwater which has an operational base in Burkina Faso through which mercenary fighters from Libya Chad and Mali went into the Sambisa forest. How did they know the seed growers? Bill Gates gave a N2B grant to the FMOARD for farmers to buy seeds using the so-called Electronic Wallets which are cell phones with precise GPS locations of the seed growers with numbers given by NCC. 14 million cell phones were given to farmers in Nigeria by Bill Gates grant. They drove the farmers into IDP camps and came as international NGOs to distribute the GMO seeds called improved seeds. They have killed most seed growers in the North and now coming South to finish others. The public investigation would expose and heighten the call for international indictments and will end the security crisis fast” Njemanze stated.

He called for the amendment of National Health Act 2014, stating that “National Security demands Federal Government Amendment of the National Health Act 2014 to prevent mass harvesting of human organs and poaching of ovarian eggs.



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