Nze James Chinonyerem

As the countdown to the 2023 elections draw nearer, one thing pundits across the sociopolitical divides agreed with is that there must be a renaissance of sort in the country after the elections. To many people, the elections will be a referendum of a kind. The elections will ultimately, offer the people across the states the opportunity to choose what they want. Everyone is united behind the philosophy of a new vision, a renewal of our collective consciousness that will redefine and reclaim the lost heritage.

Beyond the claims and counter claims associated with politics and political campaigns, it is glaringly clear that Prince Alex Mbata, the APC candidate for Owerri East Senatorial District stands out as the best among the rest. His debonair, conviviality, focus driven, altruistic courage and dedication to the common good of the people signposts him as the genuine vision bearer, the best in terms of contents that will add greater values and impetuses to drive home the socioeconomic and social developments of Owerri Zone.

Prince Alex Mbata has been a major player in the core sector of national economy. He is a master of the boardroom politics, highly knowledgeable and principled in persuasive negotiations. His pedigree always gives him edges to achieve the desired goals.

Having acquired vast and endurable experiences in the private and public sectors, he is the best equipped to represent Owerri Zone in the red chamber.

A perusal of the scorecards of his co – contestants reveal very poor records and betrayal of the people’s trust and mandate. Among the two contestants in the main opposition parties, two things define their characters and capacities. These are, constant garrulous confusions and cunning. The former is a gallery player, who loves the sound of his voice in spite of the nonsenses. He jumps into any and every issue irrespective of the immediate or remote irrelevance to him and those he pretends to speak for. The other, the cunning guy hoodwinks people with false humility. A self centered man by birth, he believes in providence as the mainstay of his political voyage. Indeed, this belief in providence has worked for him three times until lately. His fall from grace was because of his negative mind and neglect of the people in whose name his grace was anchored in the first instance.

It is axiomatic that politics and political offices are opportunities to serve the people in all consciousness. The legislator makes the law which is a very vital aspect of a democracy. As some people say, and I agree with them, Nigeria as presently operated is not deficit in laws. The country is rather in deficit of goodwill and patriotism in interpreting and situating the laws in workable perceptives to achieve the desired results. I am highly persuaded to agree with the premise that every law made must be for the good of the people in all manners possible.

In this regard, Prince Alex Mbata comes highly apprised and recommended for the Owerri Senatorial seat. As one who understands and appreciates the essence of laws as not just mere codes but essentially, foundations to ensure constructive engagements in the society, he has always used the laws so made to uplift the welfare of the people across all social and political divides. For example, when he saw to the constructions of more than ten kilometers of solid roads from his personal earnings, he was fully obeying the laws of giving back to the society When he empowered more than ten thousand people, lifting them off from the poverty lines, he was consciously interpreting the law and injunctions of God. As he built and renovated schools, community health centres, assisted faith based organizations, saw to the electricity lights and conducive environments for people to explore and exploit their God given potentials, Prince Alex Mbata was practically making good the laws for the people to live worthy lives, take the youths out of the streets of crimes to a secured society.

Contrast this and more with the years of locusts and cankerworm that characterized the eras of the years spent in the national assembly by these same pretenders and contenders to the seat in 2023 in the other parties.

The Owerri people should interrogate the records of each of the people aspiring to represent them in the Senate. The people should choose between empty garrulousness, thuggery, cunning and or, verifiable community based services.

The choice is theirs. The choice is clear. The choice is service to the people because it is the people that matter after all. Prince Alex Mbata represents this choice in terms of vision, consciousness and records.


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