Nze James Chinonyerem

Those in opposition to good things often manifest their panics in their responses. This is because they usually talk first before thinking. Take the responses of some of the men who had been in high public offices in Imo State for example. Their responses to critical important issues, good or bad are the same. For good things, they see and talk bad things. For bad things, they see see and talk good things. These men are in constant fevered state of minds. Their lamentations for the loss or losing of their access to the public purse is inconsolable. Indeed, men in disarray resort to panic responses, they act in self immolations and denials of the tragedies that became their lot. I pity them not. They saw it coming. They basked in the euphoria of their gains while it lasted. They never planned or rather, forgot to plan to rein in their pride, greed and passion for the wrong tastes. They now weep over spilt milk. Their threnody was self inflicted.

Those in opposition to good things I repeat, manifest panic responses. This is understandable. But the threnody has been switched on the auto pilot mode. They suffer internal contradictions. They are lost in the labyrinth of their race to outwit each other within their contraptions. They webbed lies and ensnare each other. Talk about a people in a rat race.

Few days ago, my attention was drawn to a rather feeble Facebook comment by the self inflicted baggage of dishonour carrying agents of the doubters and cynics. This time, they sought and travelled their known route of lies, denials and blackmail. After the fruitless efforts trying to deny the facts of the Prince Alex Mbata Humanitarian Foundation empowerments across the Owerri Zone, they came up again with their double tales of denials. They admit in private that Prince Alex Mbata is not running for the Owerri Senatorial District seat for the fun of it. They know he represents the new vision, mission and consciousness. They know he comes with new opportunities. They admit that by his antecedents, Prince Alex Mbata is trustworthy and reliable. They know this to be a sacred truth but because of their political self interest, they chose to deny it. They weep over the truth always. But like my mentor in poetry Prof Ezenwa – Ohaeto said, “Truth is immortal. Even if you light a match to burn the truth, it burns into immortality.” This is a sacred and eternal truth. So it remains with the truth of Prince Alex Mbata’s humanism. Indeed, he is best described as a political humanist.

That Prince Alex Mbata had personally constructed more than ten kilometers of stone based road with drainage systems, built Churches, gave scholarships, renovated schools and health centres, empowered widows, youths and indigents are verifiable facts. He did this and more without thinking of partisan politics. Indeed, this is the very first time he is joining a political party and running election.

This, the weak minded oppositions see as lack of political experience. They berate him for daring to challenge those they consider the gladiators, the agada mgbhiri uzo, the apitii uzoubi the this and that whose stock in trade in political engagements is deceit, garrulousness, incendiary, unreasonable promises, fakery, thuggery, cunning, continued holds and buffeting of the patrimony. This to the mindless opposition constitute the experienced politicians But, like we say in the local parlance, “The thieves have taken enough, the owners of the goods are now aware and awake”

There is a renewed consciousness in town stirred by the new vision espoused by people like Mbata. As a new vision bearer, Mbata is bold, firm, fair and swift. He is not a shifty, shoddy or fragile person like others. This explains why those opposition to him are inconsolable in their lamentations. They know the game is up for them. They know that the years of locusts and cankerworm that characterized and animate their public office over the years will be a thing of the past and their meals will be taken out of their mouths the same way they had taken away the developments of the society and economic growth of the citizens.

They have nothing to say. They know it. But they must say something. And they are saying gibberish. Because they feel threatened, they resort to panicky responses. In their panic, they ramble. In their confusion, they prophesy like the Prophets of Baal.

Like the Prophets of Baal, they will fail. Mbata is the only option for the Owerri Senatorial District’s seat. His antecedents support this. He doesn’t say things to deceive but does things to convince. This is the man we need and he is the one we want. He is the standard flag bearer of the APC for Imo East Senatorial District (Owerri Zone)seat.


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