The All Progressives Congress, APC, on Sunday, lashed out at the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, describing the party as one on “life support”

Cajethan Duke, State Publicity Secretary of the party, in a statement made available to INNONEWS, said the opposition party PDP, in Imo State, has once again, demonstrated its propensity to being in its last stage of death and decay

The governing party took a swipe at the PDP’s latest comments where it expressed regret that Imo has been run aground by the APC

The APC noted that “nothing can be more disingenuous and sickening than the above lame accusation by the grossly disunited PDP. 

“First, let it be known to PDP, a party in life – support, that all the present maladies being witnessed in the state assembly well as the country as a whole, was due to the umbrella party’s misrule, mis governance as well as leadership failure. 

“Untill the arrival of PDP in Imo, our dear state used to be peaceful and calm. It was during the tenure of a PDP governor that we witnessed a political assassination for the first time and that tragic experience took place in Orlu zone. Can you now see why Orlu is a conundrum of blood till date? 

The party also noted that “ As a matter of fact, the PDP can never exonerate itself of culpability as it was during its horrendous and horrific regime that thugs invaded the hallowed ecclesiastic known as Maria Assumpta Cathedral, during a governorship debate, descended heavily on the Catholic clerics, attacked Imolites who stormed the centre and also destroyed all equipment reachable there. 

“We are very much aware that everything evil and undemocratic seeing and witnessed today, was planted and nursed by the PDP. The APC should be highly commended for    forthrightly combating all the problems which are made possible by PDP’s leadership failure in the state. 

“In its concluding paragraph in the ill-fated release, PDP made allusion to the point that our performing APC government is jittery over 2023 elections in Imo. 

“The fact remains that it is rather the other way round. From its recent actions, the PDP in Imo as well at its national levels, have demonstrated clear signs extreme weakness hence it fumbles here and wobbles there. 

“From all indications, the PDP which its last election victory was in 2003 Imo, is severely troubled because of the massive infrastructural development of His Excellency, Senator Hope Uzodimma, who had broken new grounds as well as achieved new Olympic records in road construction and reconstruction. 

“Through the people oriented 3R mantra, the APC – led administration of Governor Uzodimma, has provided youth and women empowerment schemes, revived the dying agriculture sector, restored confidence in civil service, invigorated the fast dilapidated revenue service, and even opened new agricultural revolution. 

“The foregoing is what has quaked and continue to trouble Imo State PDP, giving it acute sleepless nights. This is its worry and we continue to remind PDP that it has got huge internal crisis that is almost sinking its dithering boat both here in Imo as well as at its Abuja headquarters.

“As usual, we will not allow an extinction bound political party, which has outlived it’s usefulness in the political landscape of the nation and our dear state in particular, to distract us from the real issues of the moment- justifying the confidence of our people through the unrestrained implementation of the 3R mantra shared prosperity administration anchored on reconstruction, rehabilitation and recovery” the statement concluded.


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