By  Nze James Chinonyerem

Prince Alex Mbata is a man known for his passion for community services. He has devoted and deployed huge chunks of his personal earnings to serve God and humanity. This he has done over the years through the provisions of impetuses for quality and qualitative human and material developments.

As a young man whom God has graciously lifted in material and financial endowments, he has consistently shown humility in wealth as he has always seen it as God’s grace to assist humanity. Aware that the private sector must assist government to deliver the needed facilities to move the society to greater heights, he embraced the quality assurance that no effort is too much or small or even wasted when pressed to the developmental consciousness of the society.

He has as I said, been altruistically engaged in making the society better and greater through the Prince Alex Mbata Humanitarian Foundation he established more than a decade ago. Through the Foundation, he has constructed more than ten kilometers of solid stone based roads with drainage systems, empowered over five thousand people, men, women, youths, small scale business operators, supported the indigents, skill acquisitions seekers as well as aided them to start up businesses.

He has also, through the Foundation, sponsored the education of hundreds of students through scholarships, renovated schools and health centres, supported the sick, faith based organizations as well as the Imo State government especially, during the 2021 Covid 19 pandemics with  palliatives of twenty million naira to fight the scourge.

Through his vast business organization, he has offered quality and rewarding employments to hundreds of our people across Owerri Zone and beyond. Prince Alex Mbata has been able to do this and more not just because of his wealth or passion but also because of his skillful and astute management of material, financial and human resources. This is also in addition to his sense of discipline, trust and faith in God. 


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