Nze James Chinonyerem.

Prince Alex Mbata needs no introduction. His antecedents speak volumes of his identity. His is a humanist and philosopher king who shows compassionate interest in the affairs of his society. He is not a fair weather fellow or chip of the old block politician. He is a new breed one with focus on shared values. His opponents mock him for not having their kind of deceitful experiences, flowery talks, garrulousness, playing to the gallery, leaving the problems/issues at home in search of cheap popularity all designed to hoodwink the people. Prince Alex Mbata is not in the fashion of “use and dump” which characterize the operational systems of the “experienced politicians.” As an employer of labour, he understands the usefullness of those who work with him not as hired hands but critical stakeholders and partners in his projects.

Prince Alex Mbata joined politics because he is sufficiently convinced of his altruism and ability to do good for the people of Owerri Zone. He is coming fully aware and prepared for the demands of the job. He is not coming to enrich himself at the detriment of the people nor is going to fight, kick, curse and make enemies for the people he is representing. Certainly, he will never betray the trust which will be given to him. As one who understands the powers and essence of negotiations as vital in achieving set goals, he will leverage on his deep knowledge in this, skills, clout and contact in engaging his colleagues in the Senate for the good of Owerri people. Certainly, Mbata will not be a noise loving and making Senator nor will he adopt thuggery as a legislative approach.

Prince Alex Mbata is going to the Senate to be a clean, clear, vibrant, powerful, respected, persuasive and result oriented voice for Owerri people in the Senate. His voice will be heard, honoured because he comes with new vision, mission and opportunities and above all, he is trustworthy. As a result, Prince Alex Mbata will not be contented in armchair criticism and blame games. He will not be blaming the Federal Government for instance, for the unpassable roads in his village, the dilapidated community schools and health centres, he will not collect the constituency allowances/projects and pocket them while shouting marginalization of his people.

Prince Alex Mbata certainly has a new vision and this will form part three of the series tomorrow. His roadmap and work plans as the Senator.


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