Philip Njemanze, a medical doctor and Chairman, Global Prolife Alliance, GPA, has revealed the dangers of GMO crops in Nigeria, alleging that it has hijacked Nigeria’s food security.

In a statement, he noted  that the crops are poison, responsible for Nigeria’s insecurity. He also said that GMO crops in Nigeria are poison causing cancerogenes.

He wrote “GMO crops in Nigeria are poison causing cancerogenes. 

“GMO seeds are the reason for Nigeria’s insecurity making Biotech hired terrorists to kill natural crop farmers. 

“Driving the rest into IDP camps for their NGOs to come and distribute the GMO seeds for planting by desperate poor Nigerian farmers. GMO crops will not earn foreign currency because they are banned in Europe, America, China, Russia etc. You produce the poison and eat it. GMO seeds hijacked Nigeria’s food security into the hands of Monsanto and their Billionaire ‘Philanthropist’ owners. GMO seeds and not religion is the cause of Boko Haram,  

“Herdsmen and Bandits attacks. They are hired and paid by Billionaire investor in biotech companies. It has  nothing to do with Islamization. 

“Proof is the Statistics: between 2015 and 2018  37,500 people were killed by Boko Haram, of which 32,000 were Muslims, and 5,500 were Christians. All killed both Christians and Muslims were Natural Seed Growers in their communities. 

“Most seed growers in the Northeast have been killed. Now they are facing North Central and Northwest and the cotton belt on the Southwest.Who is killing the farmers in Nigeria? 

He continued “The short answer is the biotechnology companies and their proxies. To sell their GMO seeds they must eliminate the natural seeds, hence to kill the natural seed growers. 

“How do they know who is a natural seed grower? Well the FMOARD keeps a register. A grant of N2 billion naira was given by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to seed growers to pay for the farmers buying their seeds. All farmers were given mobile cell phones called Electronic Wallets to make payments for purchases of natural seeds from the grant. 

“They used the GPS on the phones to track the natural seeds growers who are being paid. They were killed either at home or in the farm. The biotech companies sponsored the National Biosafety Management Agency Act 2015 (NBMA 2015) to create the legal framework to introduce GMO crops in Nigeria and legally takeover Nigeria’s Food Security rendering the entire country at the mercy of their Billionaire Philanthropist sponsor. 

“Nigerians cannot eat except the obey what the Billionaire says. Including legalising Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage, Ban of Use of Holy Bible and Holy Koran in public etc. If they refuse there would be no GMO seeds for Food. A new Biological Colonization. 

“We must amend NBMA ACT 2015. We must aim to ban GMO crops” he stated 

The medical practitioner provided scientific evidence to back his claims.


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