Despite the popularity of Peter Obi, the Labour Party, LP presidential candidate in the South East, the governing All Progressives Congress, APC, and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, remain the major and acceptable political parties, particularly in Imo State and across the South East.

Kevin Uchendu, a political analyst told INNONEWS in Owerri, that the wave of support for Peter Obi as propagated by his Obidients movement in the State and across the South East may not translate to instant victory for candidates of the Labour party in the 2023 general elections in Imo State and other South East States.

“Obi may have massive supporters in Imo and in the South East, but it will not truncate the chances of the PDP and APC in the State and in the region in the forthcoming elections, because the two parties are deeply rooted and well structured.

“In Nigerian politics, political structures are key. This is the biggest undoing of Mr.Obi, because he seems to place less emphasis on having a solid political structure across the country.

“The APC and PDP have long serving structures, solid political tap roots, which has been in existence for decades across Imo State and South East.

“It will be difficult for Obi’s Labour party to diminish or dwindle the chances of these parties in the State.

“Both parties have large followers in the State and it will be difficult for them to be subsumed by Obi and his labour party, simply because they just gathered momentum few months ago.

“Obi and the Labour party are making waves on the social media and most times popular candidates on the social media have not won elections.

“Hilary Clinton enjoyed the social media frenzy when he vied against Donald Trump during the U.S Presidential election.

“When the votes were casted, the Americans choose Trump. We should learn from history” he said.

He said Obi may record impressive performance in the presidential polls, but “that does not entail the APC or PDP will be overrun by his party”


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