Prof Anthony Oha.

(Oka Edemede 1 Of Umuchukwu)

Let’s take it seriously. Leadership and governance are serious businesses. Many of us know it that the place of the legislator in the Nigerian nation is very sensitive. It all lies in the enthronement of the right persons, proactive leaders who will be ready to play the cards and bring the dividends of democracy back home. At the red chambers, it goes beyond legislation as the hopes and aspirations of the people depend on the expedient actions of the senator.

The man currently in the red chambers for Owerri zone believe so much in giving out palliatives as the best role of the senator. We have seen him giving out blenders, buses, motorcycles, hair-dryers, etc. instead of making cases for the people in line with the problems of the zone. His bills have no direct impact on the people and we’re yet to realize our place in the nation vis-a-vis the democratic innuendos. What we are exposed daily are the perfidious rigmarole of a man who believes that power is a means to his self aggrandizements.

We have myriads of problems in the zone ranging from the ecological, economical and the political; yet, we have nothing to beat our chests as gains in the current democracy. From Owerri West to Owerri North to Aboh Mbaise and Ngor Okpala even down to Mbaike axes there are very dangerous environmental cases, bad roads linking communities and inhibiting movement of goods and agricultural products, the health facilities need attention while the youths roams hopelessly; yet there’s a senator who ought to have proactively taken a dive to all these. Inasmuch as the governor is doing his best for the people, it’s expected that the senator and house of representatives members should complement by attracting the relevant agencies, national and global, to play the direct roles of assuaging the problems of the people.

Prince Alex Mbata (PAM) is a man with rare gait and assiduous poise to make a difference. For those of us who may have done a background check on this international businessman and industrialist, his rare business and humanitarian dispositions speak volume. He has taken his time to study the Nigerian polity before deciding to venture into it purposely to uplift his people. He has been engaging in several humanitarian activities to support the good overtures of the government. He has also given employment massively to our people.

What else do we want? A man who has been affecting us positively even before politics will surely do better if given the political chance to paddle our canoe. He will flow with the wind and take us to safety because he understands the flow of the tide. Many people will testify that he has given palliatives and several empowerments to uplift the economic lives of people. The youths have enjoyed several trainings and packages of programs to aid them in standing independently. What more do we need to know that in PAM we will get our desires met and hopes realised?

We have truly suffered in the hands of political charlatans and rabble-rousing folks whose interest is only in stomach infrastructure of themselves and their irks; whose political innuendos are based on nepotism while making a mincemeat of the electorates. We have seen the negative roles of political opportunists and parochial men who went to power to build their personal empires while destroying the same people that brought them to power. We have seen them all and we will see more of them if we fail to do the right thing by voting rightly for the man we know will not need our public funds for anything personal but will judiciously use them to make life better for us.

Prince Alex Mbata (PAM) will surely fix the odds and make our zone better because he understands the make up of our political state and will use his wealth of experiences to push for better stakes for our people. Our people used to say that the golden ring on the finger needs not eyeglasses to see it clearly. Let’s work to make our zone the cynosure of all zones by allowing PAM to place us properly in the comity of developing zones in this country.


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