As the race for Owerri zone senatorial seat hots up, it is evidently clear that the good people of zone have resolved to send a Senator to the Senate, who is capable and determined to give the zone genuine and effective representation.

The people of Owerri zone are fed up and tired of those who go to the red Chambers and end up disappointing them in the long run.

Gone are the days, people of the zone are hoodwinked with tales at moonlight by those with no verifiable evidence of what they have done for their people in their private capacity.

The forthcoming 2023 elections have introduced a new narrative in the political lexicon of the country. And Owerri zone is not left out. Operation Show your what you have done for your people, has crept into the consciousness and mindset of voters. And this is commendable, because it does not give opportunity to those who cannot boast of anything they have done to aid their people, and yet to want to represent them in the Senate or any other public office.

In other words, the new mantra is, seeing believes and any candidate, who has no track record of what he or she has done for his or her people in his or her private capacity, should not be voted for during elections.

Majority of those who belong to this category have hurriedly joined the Owerri zone senatorial race, but they will be shocked how they will be rejected at the polls, because the people of Owerri zone have chosen Prince Alex Mbata, the APC Owerri zone Senatorial candidate, as their choice for the Senate. Their decision to do so is not far-fetched.

Mbata has done so much for the people of Owerri zone and it is natural, they have resolved to send him to the Red Chambers. He perfectly suits the new narrative in the zone- which is those who will go to the Senate must posses track record of positive antecedents. The good people of the zone desire a Senator with a human face.

Prince Alex Mbata is the only candidate among the lot who has effectively deployed his personal resources for the betterment of the people of Owerri zone. As a verifiable philanthropist who has in the past 10 years invested in the zone, his antecedents speak for itself.

He built a 4km road in Ngwoma Obube in Owerri North Local Government Area, and donated N20 million naira to Imo State government to tackle and fight covid 19. Mbata built and equipped schools and churches across Owerri zone, built a 2km road with street lights in the heart of Owerri Municipal, embarked on N500m empowerment programme which benefited more than 5,000 persons in Owerri zone, etc.

Mbata also embarked on N100m empowerment programme for Igbo residents in Lagos State, an act which has continued to receive applause and commendations for the business mogul from far and near. He has employed thousands of Owerri zone youths, in his conglomerate, ABM Global services, and has consistently demonstrated an uncommon passion for the good people of Owerri zone.

Owerri zone have decided and chosen Mbata as the authentic choice for Owerri zone Senate, because he towers above other candidates in capacity, and ability to give them genuine and visible representation at the Senate.


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