Labour party governorship hopeful in Imo State, Major General Lincoln Ogunewe, (rtd), has expressed concern over the level of insecurity in Imo State, vowing to bring his wealth of experience as a retired major general, to address the menace.

The level of insecurity in Imo State has heightened in recent times with several killings in various parts of the state.

In a statement, Ogunewe said the time has come “for all Imolites need to make sacrifices, come together and make peace”.

He said with over 35 years experience in the military, conflicts are not resolved by bullets, guns and threats

“I am a security expert having spent 35 years in the service  of Nigeria in the Army.

“I held several command, staff, intelligence and diplomatic postings which greatly exposed me in different spheres of life. I know that conflicts of any nature cannot and can never be resolved by bullets, guns and threats but by negotiation, pacification and reintegration.

“No one is happy with the rate of killings in Imo State which could have been resolved if leadership at all levels played their parts; leadership at the family level, community, Local Government Areas and the State” he stated.

Ogunewe, a one time Military attachee to the United Nations further stated that “the worsening insecurity in Imo State could be likened to a television that is frozen; you cannot change the channel, volume or any function on the remote until you reset it. It is my utmost belief that Imo State needs resetting”

He drummed support for the LP presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, stating that soon he will embark on Town Hall meetings across the 27 local governments of Imo State, to sensitize Imolites and sell Peter Obi and other LP candidates.

He said it is time to reset Imo State, arguing that “ a new era has come in Nigeria’s political history and Imo State especially”

He described Obi’s presidential bid as a movement.

“Peter Obi’s yesterday has created a movement, “the Obedient Movement” that has changed the face of Nigerian politics. The only way we can justify this movement in our clime is to state that it is divine and of appointed time. The Obedient movement has become a moving train taking us to the promised land of equity and justice” Ogunewe declared.


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